Woke is Broke II: Child Mutilation

We reported on the “woke” exposure of Vanderbilt University Medical Center and its support for “gender affirming surgery” on children as young as fourteen.  Originally reported by Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire, the Vanderbilt officials have relented under public pressure.

Let’s see, we do not let children under eighteen drink, vote, enlist in the military, or run for political office.  Yet for some reason the officials at VUMC decided that they and their parents could make a decision to permanently alter their bodies through surgery.  The parents deserve a whole investigation of their own.

We need to give credit to Walsh, but also to Senator Marsha Blackburn who has made this a public issue and kept it in the press.  Vanderbilt videos seem to show that they knowingly performed irreversible surgeries on children as young as fourteen, providing drugs that they know cause irreversible changes to their bodies, and do so knowing the patients are locked into a lifelong cycle of very profitable medical care.

Yes, the doctors and hospital officials deserve a lot of scrutiny and blame.  But the real blame rests with the board of directors for the medical center and ultimately with the President and administrators of Vanderbilt.  But who are these officials who cared about the lives of children so little that they publicly talked about profits over protection of children.  The President and CEO of the VUMC is Dr. Jeffrey R Balser, M. D. Ph.D.  According to the Vanderbilt web site, Dr. Balser “has guided extensive clinical service and facilities growth, expanding annual patient visits to over 2.5 million and revenues to over $5 billion (fiscal 2021).”

One of the priceless statements to come out from Vanderbilt was made by Dr. C. Wright Pinson the Chief Health System Officer.  “We understand this issue is likely to be taken up by the General Assembly in its next legislative session.  As always, we will assure that VUMC’s programs comply with any new requirements which may be established as a part of Tennessee law.”  Well, that is a good one.  Would we expect Vanderbilt to knowingly violate the law?  No.  We would expect them to comply with the law, and both ethics and common sense when not specifically spelled out in the law.

What people are starting to understand is a very simple, concept and question.  “If VUMC will do surgery on children for profit, how can I know they are not doing surgery on me just for profit?”