Where We Have Been and Where We Are Heading

Girl in wheat field with Bible

This article will summarize why I believe that many people who have been convinced that America is filled with racism and white supremacy; and as well have been prejudiced against the church and a belief in God should at the very least stop and take another look.  This article and the two subsequent ones will deal with these issues.

I do not claim to have all the answers, but I have done enough research, including conversations with many people (both believers and atheists, and with all kinds of people from a broad range of professions) around much of this globe.  So, my point is that this article is not just a summary of some wild ideas but is the result of serious investigation into why God is not only real but as well is still in charge.  And I certainly do not claim to have any inside information, but if I did, I am confident that God is close to starting over.

After my extensive travels throughout America and as well through many foreign countries, and in addition, along the way, the many conversations I had with a wide variety of people, I feel the need to voice the opinions of many I have spoken with who expressed to me that the world’s problem is that America is under attack.  Even people whom I met in other countries were concerned about America because they realize that America, which has been a bulwark of freedom and democracy around the world, is essential to the existence of a free world.  But in addition, and as well another existential issue that is hurting America and many other countries around this globe is that many people are leaving the church.

My viewpoint is that regardless of people’s reasoning, we need to step back and think about why this is happening; and more importantly what can we do about it… Because the fact remains that God is still real and is still in control, despite what our illiberal enemies claim.

The reality today is that what we are facing actually started a long time ago.  It all started in the late 19th and early 20th century when a number of uber educated American college graduates, mostly from the elite eastern colleges, went to Europe for a post graduate degree in historical materialism, which was the latest ideology that eventually morphed into communism.  Many of these postgraduates, upon return to the US, got jobs in the Federal bureaucracy (the non- elected federal bureaucracy).  Today many of these non-elected bureaucrats now make up what is called the Deep State.  But along the way in the mid-20th century, these non-elected illiberal bureaucrats (now members of the Deep State) were able to infiltrate the Department of Education and convince the powers that existed that the American country was infected with racism and white supremacy; and the only way to change things was first to change the mindsets of the new American youth away from a religious default mindset and away from the assumptions of their parents that America was a heroic country which has helped defend the rest of the world from enemies.

(Now be careful of those who are going to tell you all this is conspiracy theory and made up.  Keep in mind that I did not make this up.  I received my information from firsthand witnesses who had third party confirmation)

So, these non-elected illiberal enemies of the American Republic set about to decide the best path to accomplish their mission of changing the nature of the American government along with the mindsets of the new generations.

The religious influence was eliminated through several Supreme Court cases which were presented to the Supreme Court (e.g. the Everson Case in 1947 and Engel vs Vitale in 1962) that, in essence, resulted in a decision that said it was unconstitutional to allow only one religion-Christianity to present to a school in a country which at the time probably had multitudes of different religions practicing in America.  Obviously, there was a lot more to these cases, but I mention the important aspect of the court cases.  And the Department of Education decided that rather than try to make room for a multitude of religions in the school agenda they would just eliminate the religious influence and the devotional altogether.  So, the bottom line was that within the next generation few public-school students experienced the before class everyday devotional that had been in the school agenda since the early 18th century when the Puritans set up the Colonial American education system.

This is enough for this segment.  In the next two segments we will cover:

  • The damaging impacts of this new radical atheistic education agenda which no longer holds the daily devotional that had existed since the inception of the American education system.
  • The implications and outline for a new education platform in America.