Unelected President

I wonder how Ron Klain, President Biden’s Chief of Staff, feels every morning when he wakes up knowing he is the most powerful individual in the free world.   Given President Biden’s cognitive state, Klain has the responsibility of managing the federal government and executing U.S. foreign policy.  However, Klain’s job is certainly not easy because he has to do his unelected Presidential duties through an elected President who has shown to be incapable of putting two coherent sentences together.  Klain has to dictate Biden’s schedule and ensure he is scripted at any public event.  Any unscripted moment can result in incoherent utterances from President Biden and cause confusion on a worldwide scale.

I have had family members who suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Their plight evoked sympathy and compassion in me for being victims of these devastating diseases.  However, when a seeming victim of these diseases is President of the United States and he has the fate of the country and the future of your children and grandchildren in his hands, his plight evokes other emotions such as trepidation, anxiety, and foreboding.    I know most rational, informed voters who voted for Biden knew that Biden was suffering from cognitive decline when they voted for him.  Those voters joined with the ideologically blinded and the Trump-hating electorate to choose a mentally challenged President over a competent President Trump who, unfortunately, was egotistical and insensitive and had an undisciplined tongue and Twitter fingers.  Well, the chickens have come home to roost for you Biden voters.  Given the state of the open-border mess on our southern border; the stupendous debacle in Afghanistan; rampant inflation; increases in the crime rate; and, unprecedented increases in the national debt, you Biden voters have reaped what you sowed.