Two Words: Scurrilous & Anyways

Scurrilous Anyways

Scurrilous is a great word and just has the feel of something bad, which is true.  The word is usually used to define someone spreading injurious, derogatory, or dangerous information about someone else.  The action is taken with the intent of damaging the other person, and maybe this is why the word has such an ominous feel to it.

“Jack published a series of scurrilous articles about the President.”

“Jill wrote scurrilous letters to the editor about the politicians in her district.”

Webster’s appropriately defines “anyways” as a non-standard adverb, and we believe they are being kind and generous even including it in any discussion.  We would put it in the category of slang or colloquialism at best.  Cringeworthy uses might include sentences such as:

“If I spelt them out you wouldn’t understand them long words anyways I used them!”

Obviously the “s” on the end of the word is unnecessary.

“You can have the ice cream anyways you want it.”

Another unneeded “s.”