Two Words: Pluviophile & Wingdings

Two Words: Pluviophile & WingDings

A pluviophile (ploo-vee-uh-file) is a person who loves rain.  They can be fascinated by the sights, sounds, and feel of rainy days.  The word is a combination of the two Latin words (perhaps a Latin portmanteau) “Pluvia” and “Phile.”   Pluvia means Rain and phile means a lover of something.

This is a world I cannot relate to because many pluviophiles enjoy grey days, overcast skies, and the smell of rain.  Give me good old sunshine and clear skies.

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Wingdings are the predecessor to emojis in many ways.  They were distributed free with various versions of Microsoft Windows as a TrueType font and allow you to substitute a symbol for a letter in a document.  The concept originated with printers who would substitute symbols for characters while typesetting.

The symbols can be anything from clock faces to arrows, Greek symbols, or various shapes.  They were also used to draw borders or insert fancy scrollwork.  They have been replaced as programs have become more sophisticated and other ways exist to add symbols into documents.  Using any of these substitution character sets is problematic because mapping the characters to the symbol is not intuitive, so as apps advanced, so did alternatives.