Two Words: Opprobrium & Floofy

Opprobrium & Floofy

Opprobrium is not a word in everyday use because so many are unfamiliar with it or its usage.  But opprobrium is a word that should come back into our everyday vocabulary because of its pinpoint description of what goes on in society today.  Social media now makes opprobrium an appropriate description for what we should feel with much of what happens to users of online services such as Meta, X, Instagram, and a host of others.

Opprobrium means harsh criticism or censure of a person or thing.  It is the public disgrace that accompanies someone’s rude or shameful conduct.  It applies to much of the tit-for-tat we read daily on the internet.  Opprobrium is the dark cloud that should hang over someone who misbehaves.

“Jerry should feel the critical opprobrium that came from his comments about Jane on Meta.”

“Sally felt the opprobrium from her shameful and silly protest of the new street sign.”

“The new legislation was so inappropriate that not even the President could shield Congress from the accompanying opprobrium.”

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Floofy is not a word, but when someone says it, you immediately recognize what they are attempting to communicate.  It is in the direction of fluffy or poofy, but more slang than anything else.  It is an unrecognized portmanteau and a bit clumsy when used in conversation.

“She had an especially floofy dog in her lap when we saw her.”

“German Shepherd Dogs are anything but floofy, even the long hair breeds.”