Two Words: Meritocracy & Toofers

Meritocracy and Toofers

Meritocracy is a real word that hopefully will always apply in free nations and societies because it is the fairest way to reward hard work.  No hierarchy system is perfect, but in a meritocracy, the objective is to reward those who work hardest and do their best by ensuring their efforts give them greater rewards and opportunities.

Sports, especially at the highest levels like the Olympics, offer a clear example of meritocracy.  In a race to find the fastest runner or swimmer, there are often heats where athletes compete to participate in a final race.  This final race is made up of those who won the heats.  This narrows the competitors to even better competition until the fastest runner or swimmer is found.  This is a pure meritocracy that no one recognizes in just that way.

Our economy works similarly regarding innovation, marketing, and management.  Those with new ideas and the skill to successfully bring them to the markets are rewarded with sales and profits.  From an equity perspective, a meritocracy rewards people based on their work, not superficial qualities or favoritism.  In a true meritocracy, society will reward a less skilled person who works harder than a lazy person with unapplied skills.

Separator Black Fancy

Toofers is not a real word, but here in the South, we still hear it on rare occasions.  It is pure slang and means “two of something.”

“He is a real toofer.”  Meaning with him, you get two skills for the price of one.

“I found some tickets that were toofers.”  Meaning the tickets allowed two people to enter an event for the price of one.  In this case, it might be spelled twofers, meaning two for the price of one.

Toofer can even refer to a package of twenty-four beers or teeth.  It is a handy little piece of slang, but not a real word.