Two Words: Jentacular & Atnauseum

Jentacular Ad-nauseum

Jentacular is rarely used today as it just fell out of favor over the years.  The meaning of jentacular is breakfast and it is easy to put to use, but with some blank stares from others.

Jentacular comes directly from Latin where the word jentaculum means breakfast or a meal taken immediately upon waking up.

“I always do a short jentacular run before going to work.”

“Julie let her husband enjoy a post jentacular smoke before he went off to work.”

“Coffee is one of my favorite jentacular beverages.”

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Atnauseum is not a word but shows up in mispronunciations on television from time-to-time.  The correct word(s) is ad-nauseum which means having a feeling of sickness or nausea.  We have seen it used as hyphenated and unhyphenated.

“George asked me for money ad-nauseum and pleaded for financial help.”

“Phyllis repeated the lie ad-nauseum until people began it accept it as fact.”