Two Words: Hangdog & Twiced

Two Words Hangdog and twiced

At first, hangdog does not sound like it could be anything but a slang term.  But if someone said you had a hangdog appearance, or a hangdog look about you, the meaning is clear.  

When we describe someone as appearing hangdog, we know it means dejected, downtrodden, defeated, or just beaten down with life.  Children often look this way if they have done something wrong and know punishment is coming.  Pets, especially dogs, can adopt this appearance when they have misbehaved and are awaiting their owners return.

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Twiced is unfortunately a slang term we hear often here in the South, and at rare moments in interviews on television.  If you hear someone use the word twiced you have the right to cringe.  Twiced is not a word, although when we hear it, we know that the speaker is trying to say, even if saying it poorly.  It is proof that English can be spoken poorly and still understood.

Twice, not twiced is the correct word to use whether the tense is past, present, or future.  Twice, as in two times, or twice meaning double the usual amount of something.

We went to the store twice, which doubled our mileage.  (adverb)

Jerry is twice as strong as Jill.  (adjective)