Two Words: Disaggregates & Interpretate

Disaggregates & Interpretate

Disaggregates at first seemed to us to be one of those made-up words that noodles its way into our lexicon, but we were wrong.  This is a real word that is the correct way to express the opposite of aggregate.

In its verb form it can be used as disaggregate, disaggregated, disaggregating, and disaggregates.  Here it means separating something into its component parts.  As an intransitive verb (used with no object) it means to break apart.

Today if one works in a technical field, you might hear or use the word “parse” in a similar fashion.  But according to Webster’s parse, which has a similar meaning, only refers to the breaking up of text into component parts.  In technical terms it is used to mean analysis of a string of information (data) into its component parts.

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“Interpretate,” we heard used on a television program and it just struck us as “just does not feel right.”  The reason for this uneasiness is that it is a fictitious extension of the word interpret.

Interpret, interpreted, interpreting, and interprets are all real words and all mean to explain the meaning of something.  As interpreting a French word to an English only speaking person. 

Which gets us to interpreter, interpretability, and interpretable, all words in common usage.  But interpretate is neither proper nor understandable as any form of interpret. 

Then this circles back around to one reference that might explain it all.  On the web site they come up with not a definition but a meaning: “To explain while drunk.”  This pretty much says it all!