Two Words: Clinomania & Anyways

Boy sleeping clinomania and anyways

If you have a teenager in the house, then you probably know someone who mimics those suffering with clinomania.  Teens often require excessive amounts of sleep to compensate for the rapid growth of their bodies.  In particular, if you have an active teen, they often expend excessive amounts of energy on sports or just teen “stuff” and need additional rest.

People with clinomania suffer with a condition where they are reluctant to get out of bed.  Clinomania is also closely related to and referred to dysania, defined as a difficulty getting out of bed.  The word clinomania comes from two Greek words “Clino” meaning “Bed,” and “Mania” meaning “Addiction.”  A person suffering with clinomania is a clinomaniac.

“Johnny is on the track team and when he gets home, he can sleep for hours on end, almost as if he had clinomania.”

“Jill is pushing to make the Olympic swim team and her practices drain her energy so much she acts like a clinomaniac.”

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Anyways is unfortunately sneaking its way into our vocabulary and is just another slang, mispronunciation, or misuse of anyway.  In most cases the word anyway is the proper use and somehow over time anyways just snuck in there.

“You wouldn’t understand those big words anyways.”

“But anyways, that is what they were doing when I got home.”