Two Words: Attenuate & Turnt

Attenuate and Turnt X-Ray Feet

When anything is described as attenuated it means that it has been reduced in effectiveness, force, or value.  A good example would be the safety from x-rays provided by lead aprons. 

The verb or adjective form is attenuate or attenuated.  Then of course attenuation is the noun form of the word.

“The danger of working around x-rays is attenuated by lead aprons or just distance.”

“The more doughnuts he ate, the appeal of more sugar in his coffee began to attenuate.”

“As the dark clouds began to quickly blow south, the probability of rain began to attenuate.”

“The hose enabled us to spray the roof with very little attenuation in water pressure”.

Television is a never-ending source of non-words or made-up words.  Sports shows are the best because there is excitement in the air and anticipation of a competitive event.  This leads the sportscasters to create sentences with words that sound good, but do not exist.

“Since the All Star break the Bears have really turnt their season around.”

“He turnt his height into a real asset and he can now slam dunk from anywhere close to the rim.”