Two Words: Absquatulate & Bubblelicious

Absquatulate & Bubblicious

I saw a doormat last week that had printed on it, “Welcome, But Feel Free to Absquatulate.”  I doubt that many people have the word absquatulate on the tip of their tongues.  I certainly did not have to absquatulate on the tip of my tongue.

Absquatulate means to leave suddenly or abruptly without prior notice, and while a little obscure, you are substituting a single word for a concept or set of actions.  Once you know the word, it conjures up a vision of a group of actions.

“It was easy for them to seize control of the government once they learned the dictator had absquatulated to Germany.”

“Our company’s president tried to absquatulate to Bermuda with the money he embezzled from the pension fund.”

“Before the jewelry thief could absquatulate with the rings and necklaces, he was surrounded by the security guards.”

“Daniel Boone left Congress and absquatulated to the western United States.”

Separator Black Fancy

Bubblelicious is not a word, but it seems to appear often in advertisements and slang phrases.  This non-word may have originated from the bubblegum brand “Bubblicious.”  The spelling seems to vary based on the product being advertised.  There is the aforementioned bubblegum spelled the same as Bubblelicious Authentic Boba Tea.  It is spelled “Bubblicious” for other items, perhaps to avoid copyright or trademark infringement.

“Johnny enjoyed chewing Bubbleicious gum because it made the best bubbles.”

“Joan thought the dance was a bubblicious event.”

“The stock market is in real bubblicious territory and could drop precipitously any day.”