True in 1811, True Today

In 1811 the French philosopher Joseph de Maistre wrote “Every country has the government it deserves” and “In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve.”  This sentiment has been echoed down through the years by many including Alexis de Tocqueville, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Regan, and Margaret Thatcher.

In our last election we chose to put into office men and women who made us feel better and who gave us things, not people who believe we should be self-reliant, independent, and strong.  People who believed that they could take and retain power by promoting racial tension, abortion for all, massive handouts and accompanying deficits, and advocating for forced Covid inoculations.  These are people of weak character who understand very well the Marxist ideology of dividing societies into “haves and have nots” to generate exploitable tensions.

And so here we are!

With a true world crisis on our hands, we find that our elected officials are not leaders, but individuals who look at opinion polls to decide their course of action.  We are stronger as a Nation when we pull together toward common goals.  We are also better and stronger when we are more self-reliant and look to Washington and Atlanta for less, not more.  As difficult as it might be, we need to start electing people to office who promise to do less not more.  Promising more is making us weaker and less self-reliant, individually and collectively.  We cannot pull together when we allow politicians to divide us with wedge issues.  The less dependent we are on government, the stronger we are collectively.  Self-reliance and individual achievement are at the core of what makes America, well, America. 

I learned long ago that one of the underpinnings of our greatness as a nation was the unparalleled opportunity afforded to all.  There will always be people who are better at conquering the challenges we face, but it is the aggregation of our individual efforts to pursue the American Dream that drives us forward.

May 12, 2022