They Just Do Not Care

I believe with all my heart and soul that we are seeing the perverse undoing of everything we hold dear.  Our Founding Fathers who pledged their fortunes, lives, and sacred honor to give us a Constitutional Republic must be turning in their graves.

Recall when President Obama told us about his plans for “The Fundamental Transformation of America;” that he was going to bring forth like a Messiah.  Change you can believe in.”?

What he really meant is that his plans –were for the Fundamental Destruction of America by Changing what we believed in.  This intentional destruction is being carried forward by former Obama confidents who now work the strings of Joe Biden.  If you are looking for facts to support this charge, all you need do is look at actions taken by the Biden Administration since he took office. 

Absolutely nothing he has implemented has helped our nation and its citizens.  If you were devising a plan for the destruction of the United States economically, spiritually, morally, and militarily you could not have fashioned a better blueprint than the one orchestrated by this administration.

What we see daily is the planned and intentional dismantling of our Constitutional Republic.  Our belief in God, our Constitution, and our Flag are all under attack.  Moreover, the path is not what our Founders envisioned.  It is an insane path based on a deep, perverse hatred for America, and contempt for working-class Americans.  It is time for us all to recognize and stand up to the internal crises and chaos facing America today.

Planned Chaos…

The people making up the Biden Administration from the White House, to the Pentagon, to the Cabinet are not foolish or misguided people.  They are really, pure evil.  They are motivated by only one thing: power.  They covet it and they do not care how they obtain it, and they will trample anyone who tries to wrestle it away from them. 

There is not a single day that goes by that Democrats are not laser focused on President Trump.  Even two years out of office, their hatred of him and anyone who supports him is palpable.  Why?  They still fear him.  They know that he knows about the corruption of the Bidens, Obamas, and Clintons.  They will do anything to stop him from being nominated and re-elected in 2024.  They know he will win against any Democratic candidate they put forth in 2024.

When we think about what has happened in the past two years consider this maxim from an American farmer.

Obviously, the cows will wander off any time you leave the gate open.

If you intentionally leave the gate open, that means that you want the cows to wander off.  You cannot blame stupidity or laziness, you wanted this to happen.

The same holds true for other basic common-sense principles. 

If you cut police budgets, you will get more crime on the streets.  So, if you intentionally cut police budgets, you want more crime on the streets. 

If you choose not to prosecute criminals, you will certainly end up with more criminals in the street. 

If you opt for cashless bail, then you are clearly signaling that you believe criminals should be free.  Therefore, more crime will result including theft, robberies, murder, shootings, and rapes.  It is not an accident. 

If you cut back the supply of oil, gas, prices at the pump will go up.  Consequently, if you ban oil exploration in areas where we have proven oil reserves, then you wanted gas prices to go up.  It is not related to Putin’s war in the Ukraine.  It is because you planned for a shortage of gasoline to advance your green agenda.  The everyday American be damned!

If you print trillions of dollars without increasing the supply of goods, inflation will hit hard.  Thus, if you intentionally print trillions of dollars without producing more goods you want inflation to hit hard.  When you intentionally violate principles of sound economics, you want to increase inflation. It’s no accident.

If you leave the U.S. southern border wide open, you will get more drug and human trafficking.   So, if you intentionally leave the border wide open, it is because you want more drug and human trafficking.  You are intentionally allowing deadly drugs like fentanyl to come into our country.  You knowingly allow the killing of Americans unchecked.  It is cowardly and treasonous.

If you shut down 40% of the supply of baby formula, you know you will get a huge shortage.  When you KNOW a baby formula shortage is coming and you purposefully do nothing to prevent it, then you INTENDED for this crisis to happen.

Without a thorough investigation into the cause of Covid-19, would we be surprised to learn that China has been shoveling millions to the Biden family and other politicians for years?  Perhaps we will find out that the U.S. has had a hand in the evolution of Covid-19.  Inasmuch as Dr. Fauci and the National Institutes of Health were funding gain of function research at the Wuhan Infectious Disease Lab, this is certainly a possibility.  That news would then leak that our President is compromised.  This might even stretch back to the Obama Administration, but without a fair investigation we will never know!

President Biden has emphatically said that he has never spoken to his son Hunter about any of his business dealings in China, the Ukraine, Russia, or Kazakhstan.  This despite photographic evidence to the contrary.  Are we to believe that Hunter went with his father on Air Force 2 on a trip to China, met with Chinese Communist Investment Bankers, walked away with a $1.5 Billion investment in his company, and that none of this was discussed with then Vice President Biden?  Polling shows that concealing this during the Presidential campaign of 2020 had a real effect on the outcome.

When you appropriate billions to help foreign nations like Pakistan shore up their borders, but do not secure our southern border it is not because you are stupid or inexperienced.  You want our country overrun by illegal immigrants, some on the terrorist watch lists.  You want chaos and hardship.

When you encourage elementary and secondary school teachers to tell our children that it is OK to seek gender modification surgery if they are uncomfortable with their own sex, without seeking the approval of their parents, you have abandoned all sensibilities of reason and moral behavior. 

When you condone teaching that America is a racist country founded on racist ideology and embrace the narrative in the NY Times endorsed “1619 Project,” you have relinquished all true historical perspectives to satisfy a small faction within your Party.  You are infusing our youth with false narratives and denying them the knowledge that America, for all its faults, has been the single greatest force for good in the history of mankind.  You are no longer educating our children; you are indoctrinating them.  Worse, you are now teaching them WHAT to think not HOW to think and doing a terrible disservice to them and to our nation.

When you try to install woke ideology into our military, from our military academies to active-duty personnel, you are ensuring that our future leaders will be more concerned with WOKE Ideology than leadership and winning wars.

When you push through massive budgets in ways where there is no honest analysis or discussion you continue to add to our unsustainable debt.  Adding another $1.7  Trillion to our debt is not just irresponsible, it is intentional malfeasance and an intentional push toward socialism.  It is certain with time to create more chaos, inflation, and hardship for all American citizens.

It is time to recognize the evil people behind that sad old creature in the White House.  They want a crisis!  They want chaos!  They want riots!  They want conflicts in your town and, I am sad to say, they are pushing us deeper and deeper into global conflict.  They believe that in both internal strife and foreign wars their powers will be enhanced not diminished.

Recall the stated purpose years ago when Obama declared his approach was to “take the U.S. down a few notches on the world stage.”  Imagine a U.S. President making that statement on the world stage! 

Today, we can all feel the quality of our lives going down with the Country I love.  Like most Americans I want all the corruption, ridiculous legislation, and regulations to stop.  Our nation has serious problems, and we need serious people to tackle these problems, not corrupt politicians with their hand in the till.

And above all remember this: these are not foolish or misguided people.  They are the personification of pure evil, and they just do not care about the American people.

Those currently in power are headed somewhere we do not want to go.

It is time to take our country back!