The Wright Report

The Wright Report Podcast

Author: Bryan Dean Wright

Published: Daily

Publisher: The First TV

Read By: Bryan Dean Wright

The publisher’s web description of the podcast reads:

“Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright is back! The Wright Report is a morning news podcast, with updates from America and around the world. Bryan tracks down current events that others don’t, and helps us understand why these developments are so important. Plus, he provides analysis based on his experiences as an Intelligence Officer, leaning on facts and data. As always, he leaves listeners with the ultimate decision of what to think about the issues — and what we ought to do about them. The Wright Report is your morning news brief, available starting April 3rd at 7am Eastern, with reports each morning, Monday through Friday!”

Additionally, from the web site a description of the real PDB reads:

“The PDB has been presented in some form to the president since 1946, when President Harry S. Truman received the Daily Summary. Over the years, the PDB has evolved to meet the needs and preferences of each president and has expanded to include more information. (The original Daily Summary was not an all-source publication and reported only on foreign intelligence matters.) In 2014, the PDB transitioned from a print product to electronic delivery at the request of President Barack Obama. Learn more about the history of the PDB  at”

Submitter’s Notes

This podcast is a replacement for the “President’s Daily Briefing” podcast.  Wright continues to offer good commentary on the events of the day and if you want to keep your head on straight in the midst of all the craziness out there, this is the place to start.

This is a free podcast and can be found at a number of sources with just a simple internet search.