The Tara Louise Baker Story

Author: Cameron Jay

Published: 2020 – 2022

Publisher: Classic City Crime

Read By: Cameron Jay

From the Classic City Crime web site:

“Virginia Baker lost her daughter Tara Louise Baker on January 19, 2001 when she was brutally murdered in her east Athens Georgia home. 20 years later, her mother still fights and hopes for new leads and continued answers in her daughter’s unsolved homicide.

Virginia became a key component of our podcast’s storytelling journey- helping listeners to understand not only who Tara was as a daughter and a person, but she also helped us to try and grasp the void Tara’s death left in the lives of so many.”

Submitter’s Notes

I first became aware of this podcast during the Covid time period, and it proved to be a good diversion and a fascinating story.  As a native of Athens this is a story I had never heard.  The story comes to life when you know some of the people interviewed.

Apparently, this is an ongoing story and there are newer episodes which I will definitely follow.  Worth the time to listen to and well done.

Unfortunately there are probably similar stories all across the nation that are little known and this is a great way to learn about them.