The Athens Murders of 1987

1987 Athens Murders

Title: The Athens Murders of 1987

Author: Cameron Jay

Year Published: April 2021

Publisher: Classic City Crime

In 1987, five people including a retired couple and three women were murdered in a violent spree of violence committed by a young man. Classic City Crime is currently releasing weekly episodes telling the full story all these years later with the people who lived the fear and worked the case.

(Classic City Crime Review)

Submitter’s Notes:

As a resident this crime either escaped me or it was just long enough ago that it has faded from memory.  Cameron Jay does a nice job of bringing the story to life and of narrating the story.

In 1987 Athens, Georgia would have been considered a very safe city, and in particular where this crime occurred a safe neighborhood.  The story is worth the time to remind us that bad things can happen to good people for no apparent reason, and there is nothing one can do but deal with the aftermath.

This is a chilling tale well told and worth the time.


The podcast is available from many sources and is free.  The Classic City Crime web site is a good place to start.