The American Cause

The American Cause Kirk Russell

Full Title: The American Cause

Author: Russell Kirk (1918 – 1994)

Published: First Edition – 1957; Later editions and revisions

Publisher: Intercollegiate Studies Institute

“The American Cause explains in simple yet eloquent language the bedrock principles upon which America’s experiment in constitutional self-government is built. Russell Kirk, whose life and thought has recently been featured in C-SPAN’s acclaimed American Writers series — intended this little book to be an assertion of the moral and social principles upholding our nation.  

Kirk’s primer is an aid to reflection on those principles — political, economic, and religious — that have united Americans when faced with challenges and threats from the enemies of ordered freedom. In this new age of terrorism, Kirk’s lucid and straightforward presentation of the articles of American belief is both necessary and welcome. 

Gleaves Whitney’s newly edited version of Kirk’s work, combined with his insightful commentary, make The American Cause a timely addition to the literature of liberty.”

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Submitter’s Notes:

This little book was originally proposed to Kirk by the publisher, Henry Regnery.  The purpose of The American Cause was to provide a response to the findings of a Senate subcommittee, after the Korean war in the early 1950’s, which implied that America’s educational institutions had failed to inculcate the knowledge and values needed for US citizens to defend their nation adequately.  In fact, one American officer put the matter bluntly: “This is a commentary on manners and morals; on character and lack of it; on a disease that might well be considered the number one social disease in America.  Its prevention and its treatment are essential to the continuing survival of our system.  “This book was Kirk’s effort to remind Americans and others of the morals and principles that we rely on, whether at war or in peace.

And to me this little book is as important today as it was in the late 1950’s after the Korean War or later after 9/11 when it was reprinted.  Today while we are not at war, we are faced with a subtle illiberal enemy who even incites illegal events that are supposed to prove that America is inherently racist and filled with white supremacy.  These events are supposed to reinforce these fake accusations which are nothing more than our enemy’s shame and blame game to get us to stand aside, or vote for them, and they will install a new utopia wherein everyone is equal.  The truth is that as I discovered while travelling around many foreign countries, and in conversations with a multitude of people along the way, that in fact few other countries beside America provide unbiased equal opportunity as is the case in America.

So whether you are a student , a working person, or a retiree, this little book The American Cause, in conjunction with our founding documents are all we need to defend the printed truths about the reality of living in America We have our founding documents that say “we the people” are the source of power and it is within our power to address any evidence of bias or inequality, if necessary..

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the truth about living in America.

This title is readily available from several sources at very reasonable prices.