1977 Murder of T. K. Harty

Author: Cameron Jay

Published: 2021

Publisher: Classic City Crime

Read By: Cameron Jay

From the podcast web site we get this description:

“John Mooney ultimately is able to sell draft beer and tries stealing business from T.K. Harty. But, T.K. is able to get back at John when he becomes the lease holder on the Station— and chooses to evict John Mooney and Somebody’s Pizza.

It was this decision coupled with the beer war that led John Mooney to hire Elmo Florence (right) to kill T.K. Harty. Be sure to listen to Part 2, where you hear Robby Reinhold talk about Florence’s confession to him in the Primetime Restaurant in September of 1977.”

Submitter’s Notes

As a student at the University of Georgia and knowing a few of the long time Athens residents, I found this story to be both informative and compelling.  The writers uncovered and clarified many of the rumors and facts surrounding the case.

The story certainly illustrates how the smallest incidents and seemingly insignificant conflicts can lead to tragic events.  It also hints at how the rich and famous can avoid exposure to the whole mess.

This is an interesting story, well told and if you were a college student in the late 1970’s it will resonate with many of your experiences.

This is a free podcast and worth the time to listen.  Check it out at the podcast home page.