Series The Foundations of Leadership


The need for leadership in our society and the current void.  The necessity for character, courage, and integrity are explored.



Last week I watched Elizabeth Holmes report to prison for an extended sleepover and it reminded me of a narrative we now see repeated in America over and over.  At

Leadership - Vision 1

Leadership – Vision 1

One of my favorite stories about vision and achievement of long-term goals relates to the carving of the Crazy Horse memorial in South Dakota.  Chief Henry Standing Bear of the

Leadership Vision 2

Leadership – Vision 2

In modern Democracies the freedom to dream, dream big, and formulate a better world is a distinct advantage over Communist nations.  These dreams eventually become the visons that drive us

Leadership - High Expectations

Leadership – High Expectations

Around the world we see individuals in positions of authority who take on the mantel of leadership when in fact they are nothing more than placeholders.  All of us fail