Series Methodism – Wesley’s Church No Longer

John Wesley

For decades a battle has been raging within the United Methodist Church between traditional Wesleyan style Methodism and more liberal factions within the denomination.  Finally, after internal struggles, several court battles, and dwindling membership, the UMC has started its schism.  More traditional congregations are electing to go their own way and leave the UMC and its progressive movement behind.

This series of articles examines many of the issues pushing the church toward schism and how things might progress going forward.  Already thousands of congregations have chosen to leave with more working through the process.

John Wesley

Methodism – No Longer Wesley’s Church

I recently reread a book titled John Wesley’s Journal, not something that should or would be on everyone’s short list of books to read for fun and pleasure.  While instructive

John Wesley

Methodism – Replacement Ideology

In the first installment of this discussion on Methodism, we mentioned that churches (denominations) often die from within.  It would seem to us that this is exactly what has happened

John Wesley

Methodism – A Path to Revival

In the last installment of this discussion the importance of Wesley’s vision for those who chose to study the Bible and religion cannot be overstated.  Wesley foretold the coming challenges

John Wesley a New Great Awakening

Methodism – A Fifth Great Awakening

There have been periods of great religious revival in America and around the world and these were often preceded by conflicts like we see today.  Schisms open the door to