Series Dangers of American Socialism

American Socialism

This series discusses the concepts and issues raised in Dinesh D’Souza/s books and what we as Americans need to understand and be on the lookout for in our society.  Many of D’Souza’s observations, concerns, and concepts seem to be unfolding before our eyes.

Dangers of American Socialism 1

I recently came across some information from a review of the book United States of Socialism and feel compelled to share some of the information authored by the American Dinesh D’Souza of an Asian-Indian background.

Dangers of American Socialism 2

In part one of this discussion of Dinesh D’Souza’s book “United States of Socialism,” he points out that the left now controls our educational institutions, our media and entertainment industry,

Dangers of American Socialism 3

Dinesh D’Souza’s book points out that Socialism is always for you and me, not for them.  And this mentality came from Americans who lived lives of privilege and hated the