Series Artificial Intelligence

AI ChatGPT Series

There is no topic in the news more frequently, primarily scientific and financial news, than Artificial Intelligence.  In this series, we explore AI’s promise and dangers as issues arise.


AI – ChatGPT

Today’s news is filled with articles and conversations about a new technology called ChatGPT.  What is it and why is it in the news? The world of technology is filled

AI The Potential

AI – The Potential

It is now estimated that the sheer quantity of data produced and consumed annually have passed 100 zettabytes.  This is not the total data on the internet and elsewhere, just

AI The Dangers

AI – The Dangers

If we go all the way back to Newton’s Laws of Motion, the third law is “For Every Action there is an Equal Reaction” then the broad definition of the

AI Storm Clouds

AI – Storm Clouds

It is not often that we have one tech giant “ratting out” another but that is what just happened, and the repercussions could be deep and positive for consumers.  All