Series 2024 Election

Vote 2024

Over the coming year, we will cover various topics related to the 2024 Presidential Election.  We will group those articles here so they are easily found.

White House Lightening Strike No Labels 1

The No Labels Movement 1

At George Washington’s funeral, his close friend General Henry Lee reminded everyone that Washington was

White House Lightening Strike No Labels

The No Labels Movement 2

The idea sounds preposterous and unachievable when you first think about someone running for President

No Labels Movement 3

The No Labels Movement 3

There is no mention of political parties in the United States Constitution, and this most

Inflation and Debt

Inflation and Debt

We face many issues as a nation, but nothing is more critical in the 2024

Table setting with long gold spoon

Bring a Long Spoon

The phrase “He needs a long spoon who sups with the Devil” is an allegorical