Righting the Ship of State – 2

We are learning that when things get bad, really bad, we see leaders coming forward to take a firm stand against some of the madness that is prevalent in our society.  One of those who has emerged in the past few weeks is Kari Lake, the leading gubernatorial candidate in Arizona.

Ms. Lake is a former news anchor who knows the deception occurring in our press and media and may be uniquely qualified to take a stand in the war being waged by woke left.  Watching Ms. Lake take on reporters and push back in her unique fashion is a pleasure.  She comes to interviews well informed, prepared for the battle, and wins.

One group that Ms. Lake has tapped into is mothers.  Mothers are uniquely positioned to push back against school boards, teachers, and legislators who advance the woke agenda.  The tipping point for this lobby has become exposure to children as young as six to explicit sex “educational material” that is little more than porn.

While our test scores in many schools in math and sciences drop, woke educators spend their time on issues like CRT and drag queen events.  We are short on teachers, but there is nothing to lose by firing these teachers and administrators since their participation is killing our educational system and damaging our children.  We are sure that there are others willing to take their place in a more friendly environment where education is the primary goal.

Whether Ms. Lake wins her gubernatorial race or not may be irrelevant.  She now joins the likes of Ron DeSantis, Tulsi Gabbard , and Nikki Haley.  This group of influential politicians now numbers four and we believe the group will grow significantly between now and election.

Kari Lake scares the politicians to death.  She is backed by President Trump, articulate, knowledgeable, and well versed in the tricks of the media and the left.  Although we know she is backed by President Trump, we believe she and the other three, represent the next generation of leadership. 

These four will play a prominent role in the next decade, and they scare the Washington politicians to death.  Good! 

There are more like these politicians coming and they are ready to battle!