Reconnecting America to God

Reconnecting America to God

Before I began to work on this article, I had planned to discuss wokeism.  But then as my research revealed, I discovered that I was wasting brain energy on a misguided concept.  It is simply the latest creation of the illiberal progressives who have been trying to tear down America for a hundred years, and in addition to separate America from our underlying influence from our Sovereign Savior God.  And this time around with wokeism the illiberal progressives are still trying to advance their atheistic program wherein any opposition to their fake religion will be cancelled and done away with if necessary.  But sooner or later these poisonous progressives are going to be cancelled themselves.

America’s Connection to God

So instead of adding fuel to their fire, I would prefer rather to reconfirm the real truth of America’s connection to God which will not be broken by illegitimate fakes.  Christianity was and is the real religion and in truth supplies the essential premise that underlies the true foundation of the American Representative Republic.

And as a matter of fact, between wokeism, CRT, and their illiberal reinterpretation of the history of the supposed chief oppressor, America, that pretty much sums up the enemy’s new definition of the United States of America.  I wonder who we were oppressing during WWI and WWII.  Maybe the Germans and then the Nazis, two of the illegitimate progressives’ best friends.

The world is made up of three kinds of people: the kind that needs power and control over more people (as the illegitimate progressives do so that they can have underlings that they can tell what and how to do, like Satan’s minions); and then the kind that needs to share God’s love (like the Christians and others who love God); and finally the kind that doesn’t care (those who are lost) that don’t know which way to go.  So come follow us.

The Puritan and Pilgrim Connections

In any writing about America, it is appropriate to begin with the Puritans and the Pilgrims.  These two groups while not carbon copies are both important precursors of the American Republic: the Pilgrims in 1620 and later in 1630 the Puritans, but the point is that these groups designed their own education system which also included a prayer to their God and their country.

The concept of the inclusion of and mention of God in the classrooms of the Colonial America’s education system was carried forward through the Founding of the new American country, and then on into 18th and 19th and as well the 20th centuries.

The 19th and 20th Century Changes

But something happened in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Many Americans from the elite American Eastern universities were enamored by the European/German political theories such as materialism and communism.

However, from the late 19th through the early 20th centuries a number of graduates of American universities travelled to Germany for post graduate degrees in materialism, which of course was also part of the essence of communism.  These German theories were all the rage at the elite American colleges at that time.  And after returning to the US many of these students with post graduate degrees in materialism went to work for the US government specifically in the bureaucratic halls so that they would not have to face free elections.  And as well so they could make a career in the US Government to administer the upcoming transition to the planned conversion of the American Republic to a socialist/communist administration.  Though these students were a  part of some of the beneficial impacts of the progressive era, on the USA, like designing  industrial insurance, and as well the right to vote for women; the fact remains that many of these radical progressives had also grown into radicalized socio-commy soldiers who have become dedicated to converting the American Republic to a supporter of the socialist/communist form of government.

Post War Changes

But before this illiberal transition would happen, two world wars would pass, and the behind-the-scenes illiberal progressives would be busy converting the future Deep State minions and as well recruiting the future employees who would be the core of the new illiberal administration once the present so called democratic federal bureaucracy was replaced.  And unfortunately, they were able to convert many inside the bureaucratic halls of the US government, specifically into what today is called the Deep State.

So, before any of this mess can be erased, the Deep State must be eliminated.

Also, the illiberal political entities knew that they had to accomplish the erasure of the religious content in the early grades which originated at the initiation of the Colonial American education system in the early 16th century.  This was accomplished by directing specific cases to the courts: the first was The Everson Case in 1948 and the coup de gras was Engel vs Vitale in 1962.  The hammer was the Engle Case which ruled that the occasion of a prayer in the school was declared unconstitutional.  It was not long before these religious commentaries were taken out of the elementary agenda and dropped altogether resulting in the elimination of any providential influence in school was discontinued.

Public School Battleground

While it took almost half a century to make any impact, the result was that, with the exception of private schools, the elimination of any mention of God in public schools had accomplished the result of driving hate and disorder into the society.

Teachers began to complain that the increasing disorder and argumentation in the classroom was causing a decline of quality teaching time.  A proposed resolution was launched called meditation and calming which was essentially a Buddhist therapy.  However, this aggressive classroom attitude had already expanded to other grades.

The unexpected ramification was that a significant increase in early teacher retirements went up big time.  This has also caused shortages in teacher replacements in several areas.

The major issue is the quality of the American education system.  And the impact on the child’s psyche.  The impact on the child’s thought processes are being damaged.  Of course, the parents can take the child to a private/church program, but the cost issue is becoming unaffordable for the average parent.  I know of private fees that get as high as $700 to $1000 per month.  The average family cannot afford these fees.  And these fees are not in urban areas.

Without a doubt we need a response from the parent, the patriot, and the teacher.

In my next article I will outline a response.