Real Pride

Dodgers Protest

June is now National Pride Month.  Perhaps it is even international Pride month, but I do not want to give it any credence by checking it out.  I really do not care.  What I care about is society’s acceptance of this nonsense.  This, and every other topic that has me totally bewildered is why I write.  My mind must try and sort out what is another perplexing notion of acceptability today.

To try and make sense of it, we must go back in recent history.  Perhaps it was the eighty’s when gay rights became an issue.  There was a newly discovered, deadly virus breaking out.  A true fear of this little-known virus called Aids began to grip the world.  This disease was discovered to be transmitted through body fluids.  Sexual contact was the most common way it was transmitted.  Though you could get it from a blood transfusion.  The gay community was especially hit hard and became more visible because of Aids.  There was no cure for Aids, and it was deadly.  Healthcare professionals became diligent about wearing gloves and masks.

Some workplaces even discriminated against homosexuals.  A few businesses naturally attracted gay employees with artistic talents or feminine work environments.  Hairdressers, interior designers, fashion designers and florists were known to have gay men employed or owning these businesses.  In earlier years, it was an unspoken assumption of this lifestyle in these fields of work.  Even movies in previous decades would show an effeminate man in a role as interior designer or decorator.  In the 1970’s it was hairdressers that were most stereotypically type cast with homosexuals.

We all know what a bigot looks like.  As a child in the seventies, my first exposure to bigotry was from television.  ‘All in the Family’ to be exact.  The lesson learned from that show; do not be an Archie Bunker.  Through these formidable years, I watched society change.  People were expected to be open-minded, loving, accepting.  Wasn’t that the definition of being a Christian?  Young people adapt well to changes.  It becomes “cool” to be different.  “Do your own thing,” was a mantra long before “Just do it.” Combine this individualistic approach with open mindedness and you would not dare think of being prejudice of any one for who they were, where they came from, what color they were, what religion they practiced, or how they lived.  So being gay…That was just viewed as another lifestyle.  Live and let live.

Little by little, decade after decade, homosexuality, like other social changes of the era, becomes accepted.  Though, there were still many religious institutions and groups that opposed it.  However, while private relationships may have been condoned, open displays of same sex affection were awkwardly viewed and somewhat taboo.

In the 1980’s publicly showing off your sexual attraction to the same sex became known as “coming out of the closet”.  Gay night clubs were common.  (They had always existed, just quietly.) I remember going to one in South Carolina, called Rumors.  South Carolina still had blue laws and mini bottles.  I worked in the restaurant business at the time.  When our restaurant/Bar closed, we all went out to the bars.  The only ones opened late-night in compliance with blue laws, were the private “clubs,” and Rumors was one.  Besides a cover charge to enter, you needed to be a member or be with a member.  Many of my friends were members.  None of my friends were gay.  To go there was just another way of showing how hip you were.

Today many companies are going out of their way to show how instep with the times they are by embracing transgenderism.  Big companies like Anheuser-Busch, (Bud light), and Target stores are two that have made financially poor choices trying to be politically correct.  While almost every tv show, and corporate advertiser may show a gay couple, it is done as a soft sell.  Those two guys could be friends, not lovers.  And those two women, could be sisters, roommates, or lovers.  But Anheuser-Busch over played their virtue signaling card when a transexual went on YouTube showing off his private label Bud Light created for Him/her.  Stocks dropped and people boycotted.  The wholesome All- American beer company fell from grace.  Astoundingly, Target evidently did not learn from the beer company’s faux pas and continued to promote their gay/transexual apparel for another season.  In the front of the stores, summer fashions for the whole family were displayed as “Pride Month” merchandise.  Another public outcry came out and managers were scrambling to move merchandise to the back of the store.  Both companies have taken a very slight financial hit.

Conservative radio personality, Ben Shapiro opined about a video clip of a Gay Pride Parade.  He described to his listeners, the masochistic behavior of bare assed men, clad only in leather chaps, being held in bondage, and whipped on a parade float.  All while children were present on the street. Ben went on to add that the “Woke “now wanted morality to stay in the closet, and let sexual perversions be publicly flaunted.  And talk show host Todd Starnes also commented about Pride month.  He said someone pointed out to him that it seemed very wrong to hand over an entire month to homosexual lifestyle while men and women who gave up their lives defending our freedom only got one day.  But really, maybe only about an hour, or as long as the Memorial Day parade lasted.

It is getting harder and harder to shield children from the onslaught of gayness displayed everywhere.  And for what portion of the population are we bending to immorality?  To object would be labeled intolerant.  Tolerance should not equal acceptance.  I believe the transgendered nonsense is the straw that is breaking the camel’s back.

A pushback has started.  On June 16th, the LA Dodgers held their 10th annual “Pride Night” in Dodger Stadium.  In a pregame show, they honored a drag show group calling themselves the “Sister of perpetual Indulgence.” This Catholic bashing “charity” group dresses in theater makeup and costumes mocking nuns, Jesus, and the Catholic Church.  Their defenders say some of their money goes toward helping children “transition” through surgeries and chemical hormone drugs.  (They ignore the recent studies showing that 80% of transitioned people, who transitioned as a child, regret that life altering decision.)

Between 3 to 5 thousand people showed up to Dodger stadium that day to prayerfully protest.  A well-organized event of multiple Catholic organizations peacefully prayed outside the stadium.  Since it also happened to be the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, many wore red. Photos of the much-publicized event warmed my heart to see Jesus defended in a sea of red.  It reminded me why Cardinals in the Catholic Church wear red….They are supposed to be ready to defend Christ and His church, even unto death.  Supposed to.

The good Bishop Strickland, from Tyler Texas, was the only Bishop (none from LA) to defend the Faith on June 16th.  He is a traditional, faith filled priest, if ever there was one.  He is not afraid to speak the truth.  And now the Vatican is “investigating” him.  Really?

I am glad it is July already.  Is it safe to go back to the ballpark now and just enjoy baseball?