What matters most to you?  Your life, your liberties, your religion, your health, your finances, your neighbors?  Who is looking out for you?  Ultimately, you are responsible for your own wellbeing.  We hope that those who we vote for, will represent our concerns and values.

We need to keep an eye on not only our own representatives, but key politicians in other states.

In California, the Governor is signing atrocious bills that attack doctors’ rights, unborn and born babies, and children.  Yes, infanticide is now legal in California!  The left, backed by the deep pockets of planned parenthood, is going after every life affirming state.  Christian businesses are under attack for practicing their religious beliefs. 

Planned Parenthood does not care about women’s health, only the mighty dollar.  They are pouring millions of dollars into attorney fees to attack every prolife bill, pregnancy care center and prolife supporter.  They are closing businesses where abortion laws are the strictest.  Why?  Because only abortion, not healthcare, is profitable.  It’s blood money.

The lies and misinformation around Life issues are spread not only by ignorant people, but the people that know the truth, but refuse to speak it.  In a radio interview, Stacy Abram’s campaign manager told the bold-faced lie that women would be jailed for miscarriages.  Total fear mongering.

Our government is backed by a democratic run FBI who are using their power to raid (heavily armed-SWAT team style), the homes of prolife activists and arrest them weeks and months after they were at abortion clinics offering women alternatives to killing their babies.  Ironic that they are treated like wanted murderers.

Senator Warnock is a pastor yet supports abortion.  So does Biden, and Pelosi, who both profess to be Catholic.  To say they are duplicitous is putting it mildly.  The democrats are ruining this country on so many levels, not just Life issues.  Anyone who backs this political party really needs to open their eyes to the damage they are causing to us all.  May God have mercy on us.