Is the Twilight Here?

Flag at sunset


Men, like nations, think they are eternal.

What man in his twenties or thirties doesn’t believe, at least subconsciously, that he’ll live forever? In the springtime of youth, an endless summer beckons.  Once you pass 70, it’s much more difficult to hide from reality.  It’s nearly impossible as you inch closer to 80.  I know this firsthand.

Nations also have seasons: Imagine a Roman of the 2nd century contemplating an empire that stretched from Britain to the Near East, thinking: This will endure forever…. Forever was about 500 years, give or take.

France was pivotal in the 17th and 18th centuries; now the land of Charles Martel is on its way to becoming part of the Muslim ummah.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the sun never set on the British empire; now Albion exists in perpetual twilight.  With the recent passing of its beloved 96-year-old sovereign, Great Britain seems a fitting symbol for a nation in decline.

In the 1980s, Japan seemed poised to flex their financial prowess.  Business schools taught Japanese management techniques.  Today, its birth rate is so low and its population aging so rapidly that an entire industry has sprung up to remove the remains of elderly Japanese who die alone.

I was born in 1945 as World War II ended and near the midpoint of the 20th century – the American Century.  America’s prestige and influence were never greater.  We saved Europe twice in the 20th century, once from the destruction of World War I, and then thanks to the ‘Greatest Generation,’ we won World War II which literally engulfed the entire world. We defeated Germany and reduced them to rubble and at the same time put Japan to bed.  And then in an unprecedented humanitarian and economic gesture used our resources, skills and technological know-how to rebuild nineteen nations of Europe and the entire nation of Japan.   It set the stage for almost half a century of unprecedented prosperity and growth.

We stopped the spread of communism in Europe and Asia and fought international terrorism.  We helped rebuild our former enemies and bestowed foreign aid on much of the world.  We built skyscrapers and rockets to the moon and began the exploration of space.  We conquered Polio and now COVID.  We explored the mysteries of the Universe and the wonders of DNA…the blueprint of life.

But where is the glory that once was Rome, England, and France?  America today finds itself moving from a relatively free economy to socialism – which has worked so well NOWHERE in the world.  Why?

We have gone from a republican government guided by a Constitution to a regime of revolving elites.  We have less freedom with each passing year.  Like a signpost to the coming reign of terror, the cancel culture is everywhere.  We’ve traded the American Revolution for the Cultural Revolution.

The pathetic creature in the White House is an empty vessel filled by his handlers.  At the G-7 Summit, ‘Dr. Jill’ had to lead him like a child.  In 1961, when we were young and vigorous, our leader was too.  Now a feeble nation is technically led by the oldest man to ever serve in the presidency.

Suddenly, we can’t or won’t defend our borders, our history (including monuments to past greatness) or our streets. Our cities have become anarchist playgrounds.  Crime is rampant.  Deadly drugs like fentanyl, another gift from China, killed over 100,000 young Americans last year alone.  We have become a nation of dependents, panhandlers, and misplaced charity.  Homeless veterans camp in the streets while illegal aliens are put up in elegant hotels, given food, healthcare, and cell phones.  Over the last two years since Biden took office, over 5.0 million illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. without our consent and another 500,000 to 600,000 more that are unaccounted for.  A nation without borders is not a nation.  The U.S. taxpayer is paying the bill for all these illegal immigrants.

The President of the United States can’t even quote the beginning of the Declaration of Independence (‘You know – The Thing’) correctly. Many Ivy League graduates routinely fail history tests that a 5th grader could pass just a generation ago. Murders, rapes, burglaries and car theft rates soar, and our President and a complicit media blame the 2nd. Amendment and….then slash police budgets.

We spend vast amounts of taxpayer money…$369 billion….on climate change.  What hubris!  As if the government can control climate.  It can’t even control telemarketing calls.  And in a period of inflation, our President thinks that hiring 87,000 IRS Agents is an effective way to curb costs!

Our culture has become certifiably insane, with men who profess that they are women, and women who think they are men.  People who fight racism by seeking to convince members of one race that they’re inherently evil, and others that they are perpetual victims. A psychiatrist lecturing at Yale said she fantasizes about ‘unloading a revolver into the head of any white person.’ School psychologists, teachers even doctors encourage young students to have gender transformation surgeries and undergo gender hormone therapy without parental consent.  Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath….”First, do no harm”?

We slaughter the unborn in the name of “freedom of choice” or a “woman’s right to choose” without even a mention of the life living in the womb we kill.  Who speaks for that child?  All this while our birth rate dips lower year by year.  Our national debt is so high that we can no longer even pretend that we will repay it one day.  It’s a $31-trillion monument to our improvidence and refusal to confront reality.  We as citizens are expected to live within our means, i.e., don’t spend more than we make.  That does not seem to apply to our government who continues to spend money it does not have on things we do not need.  Our ‘entertainment’ is sadistic, nihilistic, and as enduring as a candy bar wrapper thrown in the trash.  Our music is now nothing more than noise that spans the spectrum from annoying to repulsive.

Patriotism is called an insurrection, treason celebrated, and perversion sanctified.  A man in blue gets less respect than a man in a dress.  We’re asking soldiers to fight for a nation our leaders no longer seem to believe in.  And if the best and brightest we recruited to serve in uniform refuses to be injected with the Covid vaccine, they are summarily dismissed from military service.

Many of us accepted Fauci-ism out of a sense of patriotism (the regime of face masks, lockdowns, and hand sanitizers).  The question posed is…does all of this portend the impending death of the American spirit.  I hope not.

America is a great nation made up of great people.  But it is clearly slipping.  How do nations slip from greatness to obscurity?

  • Fighting endless wars, they can’t or won’t win

  • Accumulating massive debt far beyond their ability to repay

  • Intentionally not securing their borders, allowing the nation to be flooded by an alien horde

  • Surrendering control of their cities to mob rule

  • Allowing indoctrination of the young rather than fostering education that challenges the mind and help build character.

  • Moving from a republican form of government to socialism or an oligarchy

  • Losing national identity

  • Indulging indolence

  • Abandoning faith and family – the bulwarks of social order.

In America more than other nation these symptoms are clear, signaling an advanced stage of the disease.  We need to right this ship and get or country back on track.

Even when the cause seems hopeless, we have an obligation to those of us who sacrificed so much to give us what we had?  I’m surrounded by ghosts urging me on: those who sacrificed their lives, fortunes and sacred honor at Bunker Hill, Valley Forge and Yorktown; the Union soldiers who held Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg, the battered bastards of Bastogne, the Marines at Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, those who served in the cold hell of Korea and the Frozen Chosin, the guys who went to the jungles of Southeast Asia in a country known as Vietnam and came home to be reviled or neglected, the passion and dedication of the men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan..

America is the nation that took in my immigrant grandparents, whose uniform my grandfather, father and uncles wore in WWI, WWII, and Korea.  I don’t want to imagine a world without America, and I refuse to believe this is our destiny.

During Britain’s darkest hour, when its professional army was trapped at Dunkirk and a German invasion seemed imminent, Churchill reminded his countrymen, with unmistakable character and courage, ‘Nations that go down fighting rise again, and those that surrender tamely are finished.

The same might be said of causes.  If we let our nation slip through our fingers, if we lose without fighting, what will history say of us?  What will we leave to our children and grandchildren?  While the prognosis may seem bleak now, only God knows if America’s day in the sun is over.  I refuse to believe it.

Read it and weep, forward or erase it!  I am now publishing it and sending it to you, believing that we in America are at that moment in time when we are called upon to stand up and fight for what we believe in.  For if we do not, the last bastion of freedom we prize so much may be lost forever.  We are at the precipice.  It is time we take the next step in our country’s future.  The hour is late.