In the Red Clay

Author: Sean Kipe

Published: 2020

Publisher: Imperative Entertainment

Read By: Sean Kipe

In the Red Clay is a story told by the son of Billy Sunday Birt, the nation’s little known but most prolific mass murderer.  He is thought to have murdered at least fifty-six people, perhaps more.  From the small town of Winder, Georgia, Birt ran an organization that would come to be known as the “Dixie Mafia.”

The organization became involved in moonshining, car theft, drug running, and murder when necessary to protect the organization.  From there a murder for hire business became a natural offshoot from the protection portion of the business.  Witness tampering and just outright intimidation, killing of judges, law enforcement, and elimination of competitors was just part of everyday life.

From the web site, their summary reads: 

“IN THE RED CLAY is a 12-episode podcast series from Imperative Entertainment detailing the incredible, never-before-heard true story of Billy Sunday Birt.  Find out why law enforcement called him “the most dangerous man in Georgia history,” and for good reason.  Birt is thought to have killed at least 56 people, though some say that number is much higher.  But there’s more to this story than meets the eye, and after nearly 50 years, Birt’s eldest son is finally ready to tell what he’s kept silent for so long.”

Submitter's Notes

I grew up just twenty miles or so from all these events and never heard a word muttered by anyone about the events.  Perhaps our parents knew it was an unfit subject for children, or maybe they thought bad things might come to those who did talk.  I will never know.

But this is a fascinating story of intrigue and murder that is well documented and well told.  The idea of telling the story through the eyes of Billy Sunday Birt’s son is a great twist and makes the story even more fascinating.

This is an entertaining podcast even though the subject is a bit morbid.  I am acquainted with several retired law enforcement officers who worked on the case and interviewed Birt in prison.  He was a person with “dead eyes” and no remorse according to them.

This is a free podcast and can be found at a number of sources with just a simple internet search.  The home page of the podcast is found here IN THE RED CLAY.