I Admire the Left, Sort Of

In the written history of the world there has been no group of people better at wordsmithing than the current American left.  To them, gender is “fluid”, “carbon offsets” really exist, “alternative” energy will save us all, and the biggest obfuscation of all that infanticide is just a “choice.”

I believed the paper would be full of articles, both pro and con, on the probable reversal of Roe versus Wade, so I held my thoughts until I could consider them carefully.  My wife and I are in the “Pro-Life” camp and for us this is an important event, not just because it will make life more important and precious, but because it will expose those among us who favor infanticide over responsible life choices.

Abortionists know what they are doing, they are just better at messaging than Pro-Lifers.  The thought that a life can be ended because it is inconvenient is abhorrent and has eroded the moral fabric of our society.  Nowhere has it been more devastating than to the African American community.  Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, gave three options for creating a better society through Eugenics that can be summarized as: 1. War; 2. Let the defectives and stupid people die out through disease; 3. Birth control, sterilization, and segregation.  This is the woman held in high regard by the left, and if echoes of 1938 seem to come through, she did have the creation of a master race in mind.

The left admires an organization that aborts hundreds of thousands of infants annually.  Minorities within our society are devastated disproportionally by this movement.  So, if you carry the “Pro-Choice” banner have the courage to say you whole-heartedly endorse infanticide and stop hiding behind words.

No nation or society can survive that values life so cheaply.  Abortion has eroded the moral fabric of our nation, destroyed the core family structure, and prematurely ended the lives of many who might just have been our future leaders at a time when leadership is in short supply. 

Personal responsibility builds character and protecting the lives of the unborn matters!