Get Out Your Scorecard

Teacher and chilkboard

Get out your score cards and try to keep up.  The hits, good and bad, keep coming.  Fortunately, some State and Federal lawmakers are stepping up to the plate.  The American family team is the new underdog and I am routing for them.

US House of Representative leaders have formed a “Congressional Family Caucus” to defend marriage-based families from the continued assaults from the left.  Republican representatives Mary Miller of Illinois, Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee, and Brian Babin of Texas announced this new Caucus.

The purpose of this Caucus is to defend the traditional family values with God given natural laws that the country was founded on.  Common sense and biology, not personal interpretation of a few, should govern laws, and inspect any introduced bills to the contrary.

California and Minnesota are two states that have declared themselves transgender sanctuary states.  Democrat Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota declared his state a sanctuary state through an executive order.

These leaders continue to push transgender ideology even with emerging studies showing that 80% of children with gender dysphoria outgrow it by late teens.  Unfortunately, many of those who carry this disorder into young adulthood find transitioning is not the peaceful resolution to their problems.  “Transitioning” may cause lifelong suffering from having irreversible surgery or negative long-term effects from hormone therapy.  They are being used as psychological and physical guinea pigs by pharmaceutical companies and surgeons.

Lawsuits by parents and young transitioned people are already being filed which could slow the increased involvement of surgeons, big pharma, and schools.  Jumping on the political and financial bandwagon, they have injected themselves into what should be an adult decision.  They should not subject fragile adolescents, and panicked parents to their “solutions” for this disorder.  Four states (republican controlled) have already banned the use of “treatments” for minors.  More are expected.  The Transgender issue has even gone to the Supreme Court.  That may be a game changer.

This new wave of transgendered people did not come flying out, unexpectedly, from left field.  For years the LGBTQ movement has used the “Rules for Radicals” playbook to use our educational system to promote their agenda.  It has worked.  But one newly elected governor from Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, had a long game plan.  She used her first day in office to protect parental rights in the state’s school system by removing Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Like Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, she used her Governor’s authority to issue an Executive Order.

On March 9th, in a political checkmate move, Sanders went on to use State Senate bill 294, aka the LEARNS Act, to codify her action into state law.  She signed a bill that was the driving issue in her campaign for Governor, education.  The LEARNS Act formally prohibits CRT and LGBT indoctrination in the state’s public schools including sex ed, sexually explicit materials, and gender ideology before 5th grade.  This 5th grade restriction, to me, however, sounds like part of a political trade-off, since middle schoolers are most vulnerable as they begin natural puberty, and discover their male and female roles.  I think the prohibition would be more beneficial to have been in effect up to 9th grade, not 5th.  The bill also increased teachers’ starting salaries to $50,000, and included a voucher program for parents who wished to homeschool or place their children in private schools, which should be a win for teachers and parents alike.  Perhaps the vouchers may offset the 5th grade information limit by being able to move your kids from the public schools to private schools with financial help from the state. Time will tell.

If you missed International Women’s Day earlier in March, you most likely missed the Biden administration giving the “International Woman of Courage Award” to a transgendered woman.  Sarah Huckabee-Sanders stated in a tweet “It’s National Women’s Day- good time to remember that Democrats can’t even tell you what a woman is.”  And Alliance Defending Freedom’s Emilie Kao tweeted “The world has 3.9 billion women. On #InternationalWomensDay the Biden administration gave a man the Woman of Courage award.  What message does this send to the women of the world?”