Fox Hunter

Author: Sean Kipe

Published: 2021

Publisher: Imperative Entertainment

Read By: Sean Kipe

From the podcast home page

“FOX HUNTER is a 10-part Limited Series True Crime Podcast detailing the murder investigation of 18-year-old Rhonda Sue Coleman. Available now wherever you listen to podcasts.

Small towns like Hazlehurst, GA are the backbone of America. They are the places of unsung heroes, of hard-working middle-class men and women. But sometimes, these very same small towns hide the deepest and darkest of secrets. Such is the case of 18-year-old Rhonda Sue Coleman, who was abducted in May of 1990 after a senior class party and found three days later in a neighboring county. She had been murdered, her body dumped in a wooded area and burned in an attempt to conceal any evidence. There were dozens of suspects – classmates, ex-boyfriends, and even members of the police force. Despite many people in the community still claiming to know who really killed Rhonda, the lack of hard evidence has caused the case to remain open. 

Now, more than 30 years later the Coleman family and the community of Hazlehurst, GA still want answers as to who is responsible for Rhonda Sue Coleman’s death. We have re-examined evidence, unearthed new leads, and just may have found the one person who knows the truth of it all…but will they talk?”

Even today there is a large reward fund for anyone who can help solve the crime.

Submitter’s Notes

My travels through Georgia have often led me to pass through and occasionally stop in Hazelhurst.  Like most small towns there are unsuspecting underlying stories that you would only know if you lived there.

In my travels Hazelhurst was always just another sleepy town in South Georgia that seemed to be slowly dying.  We tend to think of these as safe places to live with little drama.  That is why this story caught me off guard.

I do not think this story is as interesting as some of the others by Imperative, but it is well researched and done well enough to be worth the time to listen.

Like many podcasts this one is free and available in many places on the internet.  The official web site has information on the story and also the reward fund.