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Two Words: Lackadaisical & Frenemies

Two Words: Lackadaisical & Frenemies

Lackadaisical is a real word and refers to people who lack enthusiasm or zeal.  When a teacher or a boss refers to someone who is lackadaisical, they often are “sugarcoating” a belief that the person is lazy.  Lackadaisical is an adjective, whereas lackadaisically is an adverb. “Tommy was fired last week because his lackadaisical approach to his work often made him late with assignments.” “Karen’s lackadaisical attitude left her teachers with the feeling she really did not want to take the course.” Frenemies is the plural form of the noun frenemy.  It does make the dictionary a portmanteau of the words friend and enemy.  The meaning is attached to a person whom you dislike, but circumstances require you to be friendly with them.  It can also be applied to someone who pretends to be a friend when, in fact, they are working against you. “After the football game, the opposing quarterbacks were interviewed together on TV and were obviously nothing more than frenemies.”

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