Dangers of American Socialism 3

Dinesh D’Souza’s book points out that Socialism is always for you and me, not for them.  And this mentality came from Americans who lived lives of privilege and hated the Founding principles of our nation. 

Woodrow Wilson, D’Souza points out, was the first president to attack the founding principles of our nation.  He was quoted as having said, “We are not bound to adhere to the doctrines held by the signers of the Declaration of Independence.”

Wilson believed that enlightened planners should run society, not the laws, or the principles in the Constitution.  It was Wilson who instituted the Federal Reserve Bank, which brought forth the “progressive” income tax.  It created the Federal Trade Commission to oversee industry, all which D’Souza says led to the fourth branch of government, which has become the “Deep State.”

D’Souza says it was Wilson who introduced racial segregation to the federal government, including the military branches.  And to that, the hard-hitting author says created the combination of white nationalism and progressivism that came to dominate the Democrat Party.  D’Souza credits Wilson for introducing what he calls “creeping socialism,” which President Franklin Delano Roosevelt called the socialist agenda “a Second Bill of Rights.”

For the record, D’Souza says that everything on Bernie Sanders list is from FDR’s “Second Bill of Rights.”  It was FDR who created the Social Security system, which was promised as a personal retirement account, but was not set up that way, intentionally.  D’Souza says the purpose of confiscatory taxation was to create loyal voters – the recipients of government generosity – for the Democrat Party.  The idea was to take money away from those who had it and give it to his own constituency who would then reward Roosevelt and his Democrat Party with their loyalty and their votes.  D’Souza pulls no punches when he declares FDR leaned heavily on white identity politics.  He says Black people were excluded from New Deal programs.  Social Security did not pay benefits to domestic workers and farm workers, most of whom were Black.

It was Republicans that repealed those provisions in 1954, D’Souza states, reminding his readers it’s the Democrats who have always treated blacks as inferior and the Republicans who have consistently stood for civil rights.

D’Souza says every Democrat Senator from the South voted against the Civil Rights Act.  It was only because of Republican Senate Minority leader, Everett Dirkson, who supported it, that it happened because he got the necessary Republican votes.

Getting back to Wilson, who claimed to be a man of the people, thought entrepreneur Henry Ford’s idea to create an affordable automobile, would be one that nobody wanted.  The car has probably been the most democratizing force in history, according to D’Souza, not the Democrat Party, and certainly not socialism.

Author D’Souza says today’s typical socialist is not a union guy who wants higher wages but a transsexual ecofeminist who marches in Antifa and Black Lives Matter marches and throws bricks at his/its/her political opponent.

On that thought, he offers this tweet from Elizabeth Warren: “Black trans and cis women, gender non-conforming and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy.”  Michael Moore, another prominent voice of the left, believes working class Americans are not coming back to the Democrat Party.  He says the base today are women, young people, and people of color.

D’Souza digs deeper into the mind and thinking of the socialist in America today.  Whiteness, maleness, and heterosexuality are now viewed as pathological forms of oppression. The person credited for influencing that great shift in our former hierarchy is German social critic Herbert Marcuse.

Many actions by the left are part of the cultural revolution, as a prerequisite for setting up a communist society is to have same sex marriage, childhood sex changes, and gay pride parades as necessary components of the Identity Socialist agenda.  Put quite candidly, the idea is to destroy the culture first, then the takeover of the economy comes next, D’Souza says is the thinking of today’s American socialist.

Marcuse, D’Souza says, got much of his understanding of the Communist Manifesto from Karl Marx, who believed that once people stopped believing in God they lived in a constant state of uncertainty and high anxiety.  Marcuse’s thinking was quite acceptable to what he called the “Bohemian” type of individual, the avant-garde, the artists, and intellectuals who hated industrial civilization and considered themselves superior to businessmen and shopkeepers.

Besides Bohemians and college students as part of this movement to destroy America, its culture and economic system, Marcuse targeted the Black Power movement, feminists, and environmentalists as part of the vanguard of the revolution.  D’Souza gives Marcuse credit for making today’s socialism something even more than Marx, FDR and others could not have imagined.  “Marcuse was always, first and foremost, a conventional socialist who believed only in the collective,” D’Souza says.  “But it was his genius to create identity politics as the vehicle.”

Two other tools that America’s socialists are using to destroy this nation are the Green New Deal, which is the most expansive socialist agenda since the Nazi 25-point platform of 1920, which incidentally has a price tag of $90 trillion for the first ten-year period, and illegal immigration, which the Democrats hope will eventually mean a permanent Democrat political majority once illegals are given citizenship.  D’Souza says that when you put all these points together that the left is hitting us with, it should be evident that it is trying to create a ruling majority of new classes of racial and especially sexual victims. They want to replace our moral code with theirs.

D’Souza points out that socialists believe that a socialist future is inevitable, but it is not.  He says that, yes, a thief wearing a mask can get away with his crimes for a while, but unmasked, he cannot.  His book unmasks the socialists.

The answer to what is taking place in this country seemingly day-after-day, the destruction of our way of life, our values and principles that made this country the greatest in the history of the civilized world, fight back with knowledge and understanding of what the socialists have used to create this wedge that has separated us in many cases.

We must become better informed, highly motivated, and not intimidated by the evil that is trying to be perpetrated upon this land and its people.  Support petition drives.  Contact your Congressman and Senators and demand that they oppose socialist proposals.  Get involved with your church and voluntary organizations to prevent socialists from taking control of them.

Above all, have faith and confidence and hope. And, yes, pray that God will hear our prayers and give us the wisdom and courage to stand up and be counted, as we respond to this clarion call to action that Mr. D’Souza’s eye-opening book has presented us as a major wake-up call.