Confronting Evil at Home and Abroad

Confronting Evil

No one understands the cycle of evil and how it arises better than Jews.  With the end of World War II, the eradication of Nazism, and the establishment of a permanent Jewish State, it was hoped that some sanity would come over the world and peace would prevail.  But history tells us otherwise, and the ugly side of humanity appeared again last week when armed militants and terrorists invaded Israel from Gaza.  Like you, I am reading and seeing so much that this flood of information is too much at times.  Sometimes, I need to sit, sort through all I have heard, and write down my thoughts on paper.  Perhaps this provides clarity and a cleansing of sorts.

History Always Repeats

No conflict is ever over in the Islamic world, where peace is defined only by death, destruction, or submission.  There are no scenarios in their sphere where all parties win, only a win/lose outcome.  They expect religious tolerance from others while giving none in pursuit of their objectives.  How this will play out in the coming days and weeks is the world’s great unknown, but it will be brutal and bloody as Israel seeks to reestablish safe borders.  Unfortunately, in this case, getting from here to a state of peace is down a long, dark, and bloody path.  The conflict already has global implications, with nations and people choosing sides.  How this evolves will tell us much about our politicians, educational institutions, corporations, and neighbors.

Like most men and women of weak character, some will attempt to justify the actions of Hamas based on prior perceived injustices and territorial disputes.  This is not unlike Germany at the close of World War I and leading up to World War II, where they blamed all their issues on the demanded war reparations and Jews.  Leaders of weak character always find a justification for blaming their failures on others.  Hitler and the Nazis confirmed it, and it now repeats in unpredictable cycles but in predictable places and ways.

When the armed militants invaded Israel, they made a choice individually and collectively.  Rather than working toward peace and prosperity, they chose to kill, rape, and maim innocent men, women, and children.  History also tells us that wars justified on incalcitrant religious beliefs rarely end well.  That will be the case here.  In the coming days, there will be much more carnage on both sides as Israel goes from preparation to action.  Nothing will be pleasant, but history has shown that evil metastasizes into unspeakable horror unless evil is rooted out.  This is one of the tragic lessons of World War II and cannot be repeated.  Those in power in Gaza have shown that they have no interest in joining the world community any more so than those in Iraq or Afghanistan.

It would be logical that Israel will give fair notice to the people in Gaza so that innocent people, especially women, children, and the elderly, can flee the area.  Given the level of evil we have seen, most men in Gaza have likely gone so far in their indoctrination to hatred that few can learn a more civilized way of living.  We only need to read a few stories of rape and the killing of children and the elderly to know the participants are irredeemable.  Any person decapitating a child to pursue their objectives is little above an animal.  Their view of the world and justice is centuries out of step.  We only need to look at Iraq and Afghanistan since our exit to see how they quickly reverted to states of oppression and poverty.

We have seen since World War II that Israel has the knowledge and desire to defend itself, and if pushed into a corner, it will always come out fighting.  They know this cannot be the new normal.  We need to support them, but we also need to turn our attention to our homeland.  To President Biden’s credit, he stepped forward, condemned the killers’ actions, and reaffirmed our support of Israel.

But President Biden and his minions may have given us the ultimate homeland failure.  Our southern border has been wide open for years, and we have no idea who has entered the country or where they are.  It would be foolish to think that our enemies have passed on this opportunity to enter and construct sleeper cells.  We do not know and can only pray that they are not here.  If they are here, we will learn in unpleasant ways.

The Fine Line of Sedition

In America, we are always conflicted between Freedom of Speech and sedition.  It is the tension at this fine line that our politicians and universities try to walk unsuccessfully.  A conflict like the one in Israel often exposes those among us who place personal gain and ideology above Country.  We have allowed some college campuses and news agencies to become breeding grounds for the justification of evil.  There is no difference between the actions leading up to World War II and what we see today.  We must follow President Biden’s lead, support Israel, and avoid the mistakes leading to World War II. 

R Tlaib

A part of that evil is sitting in Congress in the form of the “Squad” and others who sympathize with Muslim extremists.  The “Squad” hides behind the freedoms we offer and supports the massacres in Israel.  When Rashida Tlaib placed a Palestinian flag in front of her office, she was not exercising free speech but endorsing the killing of innocent people.  The people of Michigan should hang their heads in shame for electing her.  Her actions are equivalent to hanging a Nazi flag outside her office in 1939.

When the whole “Squad” called for Israel to de-escalate their military response even before Israel had taken any action, they showed their hand while the dead were still being counted.  These are radicals hiding behind Congressional walls and should be expelled.  Freedom of Speech should not extend to such actions when they infect the Halls of Congress.  As politicians, they realized their mistakes and tried to walk everything back when they learned they were on the wrong side of public opinion.  They are true politicians and cowards to the core.  AOC upheld her moniker of “The cutest Communist in Washington,” but it did not shield her from justified criticism.

There are two methods for removing members of the House.  One is by citizen recall, which is too slow and will not happen.  The other is by House action, which can occur if the other members have the courage.  Democrats have been outspoken supporters of Israel in the past, but do they have the courage to act against anti-Semites in their ranks?  Removing any member would reduce their power base and make Republican victories easier.  Power has this unruly way of corrupting one’s morals.

Sixty-two percent of Muslims vote Democratic, and the Democrats know it.  So, they walk a fine line when criticizing Gaza or praising Israel.  How Muslims can justify this affiliation is baffling since the Democrats now stand for everything the Muslims find abhorrent in American society.  Such issues as LGBTQ, abortion, and women’s rights could carry a death sentence in some Muslim countries.  A Muslim’s religious devotion comes closer to Catholics and Evangelicals than secular non-believers.  The compromises they make to reach this alignment are a bit of a mystery, but that is where the alignment is now.  Voting margins are so tight that even this tiny voting block is essential to Democrats.

Accountability in Our Schools

Our colleges and universities can be the worst of the worst.  Their presidents and faculty often hide behind Freedom of Speech with statements like: “Well, they are just kids expressing uninformed opinions.”  Colleges and Universities need to denounce any such gatherings and protests unequivocally and, if necessary, expel student participants.  Many are little more than breeding grounds for anti-American and Marxist sentiment.

Harvard had to be prodded into making a statement apologizing for their students, and even then, it was a half-baked apology.  Similar activities occurred at Northwestern, the University of Virginia, New York University, Columbia, Yale, and the University of Washington.  Many of these campuses have active chapters of the Young Democratic Socialists of America and align their ideology with AOC and her “squad.”

In an exciting development, when Bill Ackman called for the Harvard students who protested to be blacklisted from employment, there was a sudden backtracking and face-saving effort by the students and Harvard.  Harvard students cannot be both intelligent and so openly stupid; my vote is both foolish and indoctrinated by the faculty.

Administrators and faculty looking the other way or failing to make strong statements and take action should be fired.  Colleges and Universities react to only one thing: money.  States need to and must withhold funding to these schools until they stop being breeding grounds for hatred.

The best of the best I have seen so far was a strong statement issued by George Washington University President Ellen Granberg.

“I not only condemn terrorism, but I also abhor the celebration of terrorism and attempts to perpetuate rhetoric or imagery that glorifies acts of violence.  Such messages do not speak on behalf of me, our administrators, or GW.” – President Ellen Granberg, George Washington University.

Fake Organizations

And then we have our fake virtue-signaling organizations who are always out to make a buck from any tragedy.  First and foremost is Black Lives Matter, believed by many to be one of the greatest scams in the history of our Country.  No matter how much they steal or say, no prosecutor will touch them because of claims of racism and Federal protection.  No matter how much suffering and tragedy, they are always there to hold their hands out for contributions.  The group’s Chicago Chapter posted an “I Stand with Palestine” image on its “X” account that sparked outrage and had to be deleted.

Others will use this tragedy to exploit our compassion and propensity to help people worldwide.  I can only warn you to stay vigilant and only give to those you recognize and trust.

Calls for Jihad

The former head of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, has called for an international “Day of Jihad” on Friday October 13, 2023.  Let us hope that his pleas are nothing more than that and cooler heads who want to work toward peace prevail.


As Machiavelli noted, there are many ways to get along and disagree on many fronts.  You always hope for reason and sanity, but that is not what you often get.

“You must know, then, that there are two methods of fighting, the one by law, the other by force: the first method is that of men, the second of beasts; but as the first method is often insufficient, one must have recourse to the second.” – Niccolo Machiavelli.

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