Collateral Damage?

The Real war on women: Victims of rape, incest, and abortion

Children are not collateral damage.

As Christians we can not stand by and watch as human beings are killed in the name of justice and women’s rights.

Rape is a brutal sexual violation of a woman’s body.

No one can undo the emotional and physical harm experienced by a victim of rape and incest.  It is our moral obligation to come to the aid of those most vulnerable women, in need.  We must help them heal and move forward with their lives.  Justice is helping make a wrong, right.

Our lawmakers should want to see criminals prosecuted.  We want the innocent, mother and baby helped.  For the baby is as much a victim of the crime, as the mother.  Who would deny the victim of rape help?  Who would punish an innocent child for its father’s crime?

Rape is a heinous crime.  SO is murder.  We do not want to put the guilt of abortion on an already emotionally frail woman.  Studies have shown that women who carry their babies conceived in rape to term, heal and can better move forward with their life in a positive way.  A scared, hurting woman, who aborts her child conceived in rape, will carry additional emotional pain for the rest of their life.  The hurt is compounded, and she feels helpless, like a victim, all over again.  Giving her child life, empowers the woman.  She was unable to protect herself against her assailant.  But now she can protect and defend her child from harm.  She relates to the vulnerable captive child who cannot defend itself.  She is now defending her child from harm, from being a victim to the violence of abortion.  She is now the strong defender of her child’s life.

For every pro-life bill proposed, we are met with the pro-choice blockade of rape and incest clauses.  As if these babies are any less human, due to the circumstance of their conception.  THAT is inhumane.  Incest victims face the same challenges as rape victims.  Only it is often the very people that have covered up or helped the perpetrator commit the crime, who take the victim to the clinic for an abortion.  Resulting in a cover-up of the crime.  No help is given to the young woman, and the crime of incest continues.

Conservative Prolife people care and want to help.  We do not ask for 100% defense of Life without solutions.  The mother and child are equally valued and should be legally protected.  One proposed solution is a “No Victims of abortion clause or amendment”. Rather than an exemption to a prolife bill using the rape and incest clause, we should apply this pro-woman clause or amendment to all abortion abolishment bills.  Any woman who was a victim of rape and conceived a child should be offered the psychological and physical medical help needed to recover from the trauma of rape and assistance with her pregnancy, and child.  We will not aid in the emotional destruction of a woman and the physical destruction of her child.  We want to help them BOTH.