Latin for A Group of Fools who believe they are Brilliant

All of us are aware of the harsh news that inflation has been running around 8% since May of 2022.  This is the highest level of inflation in over forty years.  Still, President Biden refuses to adjust course believing that if we throw more money at our problems, e.g.  his Build Back Better Spending Spree, all our problems will go away.  Just today, in a highly political move intended to secure votes from the young, Biden pushed back payments on student loans until July 2023.  That move alone will cost the taxpayer $200 Billion adding fuel to the inflation fires further if the Supreme Court lets it stand.

Unfortunately for the American people, the President’s team is on an extended losing streak!

The media sheds no light on this, in fact, they hardly mention it in their newscasts.  One has to wonder about the devastating display of ineptness from the Biden Administration:  Our ill-advised exit from Afghanistan, entrenched inflation, millions of unfilled jobs, excessive restraints and regulations on businesses, mandates for masks and vaccines to citizens, a supply chain crisis, a porous southern border that has seen over 5.0 million illegal aliens, health care and housing, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China flexing its muscles towards Taiwan, crime running rampant in our cities, over 100,000 of our youth dead from fentanyl coming across our southern border.  Many are asking “Is all this part of a diabolical plan orchestrated by the Deep State or is it only plain ignorance orchestrated by a group of fools who believe they are smarter than the American people?”

President Biden is unfortunately vulnerable enough to have his strings pulled by any combination of people from the Obama Administration, or outsiders like George Soros.  Other far left members of Congress also exert disproportionate influence over decisions and legislation.  We have seen evidence of widespread misconduct by Hunter Biden through his own evidence with no repercussions.  These issues undermine the confidence of the people in the Office of the President.

Watching the members of the Administration discharge their duties and responsibilities is like watching a baseball game featuring Little League All Stars at a time that we need the New York Yankees.  If President Biden was the field manager and his Administration were a baseball team, he would do something to reverse the string of losses and failures he has sustained.  He needs to shake up the lineup a bit, send players down to the minor league for some seasoning… anything to stop the bleeding from all these frightening failures.

Where for example, is Pete Buttigieg our Secretary of Transportation?  We clearly have a supply chain crisis with over 100 cargo ships sitting off the coasts of San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Lloyd Austin, our tough talking, action averse Secretary of Defense implementing woke policies throughout all branches of the military.  Foreign adversaries like China and Russia would never waste time and effort on such nonsense.  How many service members with specialized skills and training have we lost at a time when we can ill afford it? 

And how about the Federal Reserve which has been expanding the money supply for the past fifty-one years!  When will we learn what I learned sixty years ago in Economics 101…too many dollars chasing too few goods…is the very definition of inflation.  If you continue to pump more money into our system without a corresponding increase in productivity things will get worse not better.  And then there is Anthony Fauci, Randi Weingarten, the Department of Education and the CDC.  Our children are our future, and they are suffering under your policies.  Subsisto contumeliam nobis, Latin for “Stop insulting us.”

The news out of Iran is even more exciting.  Intelligence experts tell us that Iran will have a nuclear bomb in months.  What do we think Iran will do with their newfound nuclear capability and their new-found friend in Russia?

Unfortunately, the President appears to be cognitively impaired, and he is no longer is up to the task.  Anyone who has suffered two subarachnoid brain bleeds in his early years will likely have some neurological impairment later in life.  His behavior and uncontrolled impulses create great uncertainty for our nation.  More importantly, his handlers have surrounded him with people without spines.  They know he is floundering, but they are content to ignore that the “emperor has no clothes”.

Our nation is faced with multiple challenges and strong action is needed.  We need serious, strong men and women who are mission oriented to deal with these challenges.  First, we need to get our house in order.  What follows are recommendations to President Biden for steps we must take if we hope to get back to a sense of normalcy and avoid a world crisis:

Change Course Immediately:

Get back to energy independence.   Start building the Keystone XL Pipeline at an accelerated pace.  Approve oil and gas exploration particularly in the Bakken Fields in North Dakota but also on government land.  Intensify the efforts with fracking.  Suspend all the nonsense on climate change until we get our house in order.  Oil does more than supply fuel for our cars, trucks, planes and ships.  Oil fuels our nation’s economy.  Cripple it and you cripple the nation. 

Many products, services and industries other than oil and gas are dependent on petroleum.  There are more than 6,000 products that are derived from petroleum.  If exploration of petroleum is abandoned, we become dependent on foreign oil.  These products and industries suffer, and a cascade of negative events follows.  It is where we are today since Biden took office and it must be halted at a minimum and reversed if possible.

Petroleum based products are so intertwined in our lives that we take them for granted.  Even a partial list like garbage bags, plastics, water pipes, tires, smart phones and computers of all sizes all incorporate materials derived from oil.  All these materials come with accompanying manufacturing and jobs.

For certain a substantial part of our oil usage is for gasoline (46%), heating (27%), and jet fuel (8%).  But the oil produced in America is cleaner than the rest of the world and it is an energy plan that includes all forms of energy that is lacking.

Get Control of our Southern Border.  Enforce the laws for illegal immigration at once.  Enact stricter laws for illegal smuggling of drugs, especially the deadly fentanyl into our country.  If you are caught smuggling fentanyl into our country, you should face the death penalty.  Authorize border control agents to arrest or shoot to kill cartel members caught smuggling illegal aliens and/or drugs into our country.  Finish building the wall as a cornerstone piece of comprehensive immigration reform.

Abandon the woke government policies like mandating vaccinations, CRT training to the military and to our military academies as well as to schoolchildren.

Get back to the basics of warfighting. Our military exists for the purpose of waging and winning wars, not woke compliance.  Our adversaries are training to fight us, not wasting time, energy, and dollars on woke ideologies.

Attend to the people. Empanel a group of people experienced in fighting crime and get their recommendations for how to deal with the rampant crime that is affecting our cities.  Force the Attorneys General to start prosecuting crime with tough sentences and abandon the ridiculous “no bail” policy.  Do more than provide lip service to supporting our police.

Forget about Climate Change for now. We can’t afford it and the American people do not want it.  Convene a serious symposium where scientists on both sides of these issues can debate and we the people can watch and listen.  We have far more important things to deal with now.  China, India, Russia, and Iran are not investing in climate change because they know strategically it is not in their long-term interest.

Act like a President, not a dictator or king.

We have a constitution for a reason, and it is time to reach across the aisle and act Presidential.  Seek consensus on ways to improve the life of the people you serve.  Remember, you work for the people and if the people believe you do not have their best interests at heart, you will end up being remembered as the worst President in American history.

If you want to assure peace, prepare for war.

That is the age-old proven path to assure lasting peace.  We need more warfighters and war leaders in our military, not woke bureaucrats, woke training, and woke policies.

Go directly to the people and listen to them.

Not through the lens of your in-house advisors but through conversations with people from all sides.  And stop trusting or even listening to politicians who never held a job in the private sector in their lives.  If the squad wants to complain, yell, shout and scream, ignore them.  They have a disproportionate voice now and it is time to push back on their ideology.

You are the President of the United States, not the President of just the Democratic Party.  Your solemn duty is to the people….all the people of these United States.  And your first duty is to protect our nation, not endanger it.  In George Washington’s farewell address, he specifically warned of the time when men would place party loyalty over national loyalty.  We are at that time and place, and you have a chance to reverse that trend.