The Great American Sport

Baseball glove bat ball

It’s time for that great American sport, baseball.  Baseball is the only sport I really enjoy watching.  It showcases individual talent as well as teamwork.  From Little League to the Major leagues, it can unite a whole family.  My husband and I enjoy baseball game-nights at home with the Atlanta Braves.

But the game ain’t what it used to be.  Unfortunately, some team owners cannot leave well enough alone.  They must subject the public to their political agenda.  It seems the LA Dodgers have embraced “Pride month” as if it were the national anthem.

June 16th is Dodger Pride night at Dodger stadium.  It will be celebrated with all the fanfare of a drag queen show.  Which is exactly the type of people they will honor.  A group who calls themselves ‘The Sisters of perpetual indulgence’ will be honored at the pregame celebration on Pride Night.  Is this bigoted, hate filled ensemble the best choice to be the face of the LGBTQ community?  This fundraising- activist LGBTQ group, dresses up like nuns and proceed to denigrate the religious office of nuns with a variety of unholy behavior.  They are Catholic hating bigots who revel in their obscenity that is flung in the face of Catholics.

Push-back came from Catholic organizations and the group was dis-invited.  But the LGBTQ group met with the owners and obviously had more pull.  Call it extortion, intimidation, whatever, but they are back.  Bill Donohue from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has launched a massive communication blitz throughout the LA area. They also started radio ads on June 6th asking for a boycott of the game on June 16th  only.  These ads will reach over 4 million Catholics in the LA area.

This once wholesome sport has been highjacked by political correctness, from the majority of America.  Morality carries no weight.  Maybe the only thing MLB will understand is a big drop in attendance.  Our dollar is the only thing that will count in the end since they must pay their players.