Another Head Fake


I have asked myself several questions lately concerning the revelations about little green men and Unidentified Arial Phenomena (UAP).  Since the Roswell incident in July of 1947, there have been repeated denials and proclamations by our government, and instant classifications of UFO believers as nut cases.  From this one incident grew more suspicion and speculation than anything I can remember.

By now all “ufologists” and others know about the early investigations titled Project Blue Book that led nowhere.  We have also heard of pilots who have been silenced if they reported an abnormal sighting.  Careers were ruined in both the military and commercial aviation because of these sightings.  With the government shutdown of Project Blue Book and denial that we even investigate UFO’s the issue seemed to be settled.  Government officials were telling the truth, they do not investigate UFO’s, instead they investigate UAP’s.  I say potato you say tomato, so to speak.

This belief or non-belief controversy has been the subject of grocery store tabloids for decades, and more than one publisher made a fortune from the stories.  In recent news the company that owns these publications is up for sale for a reported $400 million.  There is a lot of money in unusual, strange, and mostly fake news.  If there were ever a condemnation of our public schools, and confirmation of Darwin’s theories, this is it.

For UFO believers there emerged MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) that has had radio broadcasts for decades.  We have annual pilgrimages to Roswell, citizen surveillance of Area 51, speculation about government Black Programs, and of course our deployment of alien technology.  Headlines in the grocery store tabloids say all our technological advancements since 1947 are a result of the Roswell crash, a theory that sells our scientists and inventors short, but profits the tabloid industry.  Where else can you get the latest political news coupled with headlines about Kim Kardashian’s butt implants, Prince’s fatal overdose, the billion-dollar divorce of Jay Z and Beyonce, and UFO’s.

Look Around at the News

Why has everyone suddenly decided to “come clean” on the issue of UAP’s and government possession of extraterrestrial material?  And, why now?

From my perspective there are three excitable and persistent stories going around the Halls of Congress and the press.  When combined they produce another “Head Fake” like the one we described in our article titled “The Great Head Fake.”  But this head fake is us not basketball or China.  We all know about:

  1. The Hunter Biden laptop and later revelations about Biden family corruption.
  2. President Trump’s indictments, with new connections, stories, and disclosures.
  3. Government admittance of the existence of UAP’s, with credible whistleblowers.
The Laptop from Hell

There is no defense for the Biden family’s behavior if just half of the story proves true.  It is more sensational than Watergate and the Clinton Scandals combined.  Nixon was a power-hungry little guy who was willing to go to any lengths to assure his reelection.  Clinton, on the other hand, proved to be amoral and for him the Democrats invented the term “Situational Ethics” to explain how someone could be amoral in their private life and remain honest in their public life.  Jeffery Epstein’s customers would be proud of this logic.

The Biden family combines all the elements of Nixon and Clinton, but with political corruption by foreign governments that exceeds anything we have ever seen.  President Biden has the “Bully Pulpit” and can on occasion try to defend his family with Nixon style denials (“We are not crooks!”).

Getting to the end of the Biden saga will hopefully take months and will keep him in office until the voters have their say.  The alternative is unimaginable with Vice President Harris in the wings.  Watching a few of her speeches it is entirely possible that she is from another planet and that the military is hiding her true origin.  Her recent explanations of artificial intelligence and community banks were out of this world.

Trump the Ringmaster

Democrats and Republicans both know that Trump is in his element with all the court proceedings.  He is center stage in a show where he has mastery of the press and is receiving more free campaign publicity than any candidate could hope for in a lifetime.  If the Democrats and the press were smart (and they are not) they would not cover the story and let it play out in silence.  Republicans and diehard Trump supporters know the indictments and charges just harden the Trump supporters for the election.

Trump’s handling of  classified documents, insistence on election fraud, and his general demeanor since the election set him up for failure.  It might very well be that his time on the national stage has come and gone, he just does not know it.  The Republican bench is deep, and the upcoming debates will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Little Green Men

I have noticed that every time the story of the Biden family starts to get a little press two things happen over and over.  First, the Justice Department levels another charge at Trump.  Second, a new revelation about the UAP/UFO saga suddenly appears.  These two things suck the air out of the press so that the Biden revelations take third place. 

It is no coincidence that after denying the existence of extraterrestrials for seventy-five years we have suddenly decided to embrace them as real.  Embracing the little green men keeps our adversaries, such as China and Russia off balance.  Based on the infinitesimal chance that it is true, what secret technology does our military have to use against other world invaders?  The uncertainty of the UFO/UAP discussion is a lot more interesting than the others, and the little green men are not corruptible.  They are neither Democrat nor Republican, and more intelligent than most members of either party.

The Real Story and The Hope

My thought is that voters are missing the big picture and that the UFO/UAP story is nothing more than another head fake by Congress to distract us from the real stories of corruption, situational ethics, and immorality that plagues our current government.  We will know in coming months as voters begin to voice their opinions in primaries. 

We are at a point where more voters identify as Independents than either Republicans or Democrats.  This phenomenon has given rise to the real possibility of a third party making a difference in the election.  There are more attractive candidates with less baggage than either Trump or Biden, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Joe Manchen, Vivek Ramaswamy, and several others on the Republican debate stage are preferable to either Trump or Biden.  Trump and Biden need to understand that their stint on the national stage has come and gone.  In my opinion, both need to bow out with whatever remaining grace they might have in reserve.

Can a third-party candidate win?  Unfortunately, probably not.  Modern campaigns are all about money, media attention, social media, and rigid positions on issues.  But a third-party candidate, even in a few key states, can put someone in office by pulling away just a few vote percentages.  If we remember the Bush-Gore Florida count, about seventy-five thousand votes went to Ralph Nader and Bush won, Gore lost, and the third-party candidate, Ralph Nadar had made the difference. 

According to the House Oversight Committee on UFO’s it might even be possible that voters would choose a third-party candidate from outside this planet.  If there are any little green men on any of the UAP’s let us hope that they are intelligent enough to run as a third-party candidate.  Grocery store checkout tabloids are starting to look like one of our most reliable news sources.

If UAP’s prove to be true then the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, and a host of others who missed the scoop for seventy-five years will need to take a back seat.