A Tale of Woe

Teen sitting in dark A Tale of Woe

The increasing level of criminality and disorder in America is particularly evident in the younger generations.

The basic reason for this trend is that the illiberal atheistic left has targeted the youth in America specifically via the education system.  The increasing presence of secularism and the decreasing level of spirituality in the American education system is not only not a secret, but also the tactic is a main thrust from the illiberal atheistic left.

In the mid-20th century, the Supreme Court was presented with several cases (e.g. The Everson Case and Engel vs Vitale were two).  These cases directly affected the existence of a religious devotional in the public-school agenda.  As many of us know this religious devotional has been a part of the American education system since it was originated by the Puritans and Pilgrims soon after they arrived in North America in the early 17th century.  The decision by the Supreme Court said that it was unconstitutional for only a Christian based devotional to be presented in the public school.  And given that there were many other denominations in the United States at the time, the court essentially said that either you (Department of Education) allow other denominations to present their devotional, or you must eliminate the current Christian based devotional.  And the Department of Education could not figure out how to accommodate an increase in the religious time and not impact the overall education agenda, so they eliminated the devotional.

They were making a significant mistake which would not become evident until later in the 20th century when the younger generations at that time grew up and had their own kids.  But by the time the next generation of kids arrived in school, many of which had not had any contact with Christianity, the teachers also had begun to notice the increasing antagonistic and aggressive student classroom attitudes in the classroom in grades as early as middle school.  After many complaints reached the leadership of the Department of Education about increasing student aberrant behaviors, the leadership decided they would pursue a resolution.

The education leadership found a Buddhist therapy called meditation and mindfulness which was used to treat anxiety and stress.  But as the teachers learned this Buddhist therapy was only a temporary treatment and had to be repeated in order to have any impact on the treated students.  In some cases, it would have to become a permanent part of the child’s routine.

Of course, the debate goes on, as I heard from other teachers who had been around before the religious devotional was removed from the agenda.  More than a few had commented that they had never encountered these aberrant student behaviors to the extent that they had become evident in the 1990’s.

But that is not the only issue facing educational leadership.

Teachers were becoming frustrated by the continued modifications in the agenda changes.  For example, the narrative about the USA in the classroom had been changed to one which placed an emphasis on the sins of America rather than the heroism of America (It was obvious that the illiberal progressives had penetrated the Department of Education).  The incidence of accusations of teacher racism and white supremacy had increased significantly (most were dismissed) but still a blot on the teachers record.  The bottom line today is that the teacher is becoming frustrated especially in terms of being instructed to teach what they know is not true or at least overinflated in the negative.

A current negative reality is that there are real teacher shortages essentially because of increased early retirement.  Of course, the progressive Department of Education does not have a problem with this lack of teachers because they can then replace those who left with the properly trained (about the new progressive agenda) new teachers.

The purpose of this article is to convince people of the sham that is being perpetrated on us once again by the leftist illiberal elite.  And it is time to react, but not overreact because that is one of their goals: to incite the alt right to overreact so that martial law can be declared.

And therein they would have carte blanche to eliminate any opposition and thus the door to a one-party totalitarian despotic government is wide open.