A Prayer for America

Independence Hall

To those who ask why we should pray for America, I would respond that it is the same reason why we pray for the lost who do not yet understand that if they GENUINELY prayed for forgiveness their condition of life would change.  Their problem is that they are so used to lying they do not know how to be true.  But God knows.  So, keep trying.

Escaping Religious Persecution

But even more serious from the standpoint that the American population is above 330,000,000 today.  The reality is that in the early 17th century when God’s people were facing persecution in Northwest Europe, God arranged for a significant number to be rescued and sent to America.  This was some four hundred years ago.  The first escape was in 1630 when upwards of 1,000 Pilgrims escaped to America, but following this group, in 1640 upwards of 15,000 Puritans and other strangers, including seventeen ships left Europe to sail to America.  This was the beginning of a significant shift of God’s movement to relocate a significant number of His people to a more protected area from where He could spread His people around the world.

Illiberal Atheistic Attacks

In recent times as we witness the latest phase of illiberal atheistic attacks to disrupt the lives of true believers and as well those who would like to join the march to freedom and opportunity, we can clearly see the desperation of the left.

The desperation of the enemy is clearly demonstrated through their constant “poking of the bear” tactics. For those who have not quit following the “news” (in quotes because there is no longer any so-called news, only noise), it has become so obvious that their only ultimate goal is to incite the peace-loving believers and the gone-to-ground apathetic to join the battle.

While our obvious goal is to neutralize the anarchistic leftists, our true goal is to present the gospel and as well the principles of the American Republic which stand tall above the enemy’s weeds.

History Repeats

As was the case in Colonial America, there were many interruptions which tried to fight God’s plan to establish the fortress of America as the flagship of His free world.

The Great Awakenings were an example of God’s support for His people which were implemented by His leaders (e.g.: George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, Gilbert Tennent, and D. L. Moody).  Some would claim that the recent Q’ANON commentaries were originally supposed to support a new Great Awakenings, but if they were, the opposition managed to blight their short-lived existence and were ultimately turned into an anarchistic association aimed at nothing more than intimidation and headline gatherers.

And after the Americans prevailed in the Revolutionary war, the Constitutional Convention was interrupted several times; and at one point the enemy vitriol was so violent they had to call a break.  On one occasion Franklin, not usually known for his religiosity, stood up at the convention and said that he wanted to remind everyone in attendance that when many in the group were meeting during the previous war and the fighting was perilously close, that many in attendance would kneel and pray.  He suggested that maybe we should pray again.  And they did.

Today’s Reality

The reality is that today we are facing professional rabble rousers whose goal is purely to instigate disorder whether right or left.  Strictly to engender disorder, preferably aggressive.  They are paid to incite fighting among citizens and in these days specifically aimed at America wherein their goal is total anarchy which can be taken advantage of by a combination of enemies of America.

For those who are not enemies of America now is the time to come to the aid of the country which may have saved your relatives.