A Message to Garcia

A Message to Garcia

Full Title: A Message to Garcia and Other Essential Essays on Success

Author: Elbert Hubbard

Published: 1899

Publisher: Various but in Public Domain

The Best Edition of A Message to Garcia on Kindle Elbert Hubbard was that rarest of beings–a philosophical businessman.  In 1895 he founded the Roycrofters, a community of artisans selling handcrafted goods.  A prolific author, he was a favorite of Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, and other great leaders of his time.  A Message to Garcia is Hubbard’s most famous work.  In it, he argues that the greatest hero is the man who simply does his job, completing the task no matter what the obstacles.  Within Hubbard’s lifetime, the Message was reprinted more than any book besides the Bible.  Today, it is required reading at U.S. military academies.  This volume includes an introduction by Hubbard’s personal assistant, Felix Shay, plus Hubbard’s essays on “Mental Attitude,” “Initiative,” “Ability,” and other qualities essential to success, making this the best available edition of the book.

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Submitter’s Notes

Recently we were given a copy of this book by a friend, and we will be eternally grateful.  There are many reprints out there to acquire, but we believe this is one of the best.  We think enough of it that we sent one copy to each of our grandchildren, and now make copies available for free to others, especially teens about to enter the workforce.

Hubbard’s message is one that all young people (and some older ones also) need to hear.  Written in just one night it captures the essential elements of success, what separates people from one another in business and in life.

Hubbard captured in just twenty-five pages what other authors have struggled to explain in thousands.  If your children and grandchildren have just one book to read this year, make it this one!

In Hubbard’s lifetime the book sold 40 million copies and now that it has passed into the public domain the number of copies is incalculable.  Usually, the core essay is paired with other writings of Hubbard’s, but we are partial to this edition.

For some memberships this is a free book on Amazon, but it is also readily available from other sources.  Worth the time!